Isn’t it a really hard to believe fact that the overall health of our body is dependent mostly on the pH levels of the body? The ideal blood pH is of around 7.4. This is a slightly alkaline value and is usually maintained naturally by our body. There should be no surprise that the multifaceted homeostatic processes of the body strive hard to keep the pH levels from 7.2 to 7.5 most of the times. And all of the body enzymes catalyzing various reactions in our body can work the best around this range only.

Anything drastically lower or higher values might be fatal. This is just one of the key points as to why our body should remain in an alkalizing mode. Here we discover numerous others as well. But first, let us understand them a little bit more about the pH balance.

What is Meant By pH Balance?

There are a number of factors in our body that makes the tissues and cells to work efficiently. These can include proper hydration, nutrition, body temperature and obviously pH. The full form of pH is “potential of hydrogen” and it is the amount of hydrogen present in a specific solution. The higher the hydrogen more acidic it will be.

But here we need to know its importance right? See the human bodies are designed to work in a narrow range of pH that lies around 7.5. Anything over 7 is alkaline and less then that is acidic. For example, the pH levels in our stomach are of about 3 which is acidic and is required for proper breakdown of food. But as the food passes towards the large intestine the acid is neutralized. The blood in our body has a constant alkaline ph and helps in removing the acidic byproducts in our body at the site of production itself.

Enhances energy level

Enhances energy level

When the body is in the alkaline state it will have a rush of energy levels. The science behind this is that almost all of the metabolizing functions in our body are designed in a way to efficiently work at alkaline levels. At the time when the pH is not in this specific range, the mode goes to remedial measures.

For example during heavy workouts as the lactic acid builds in muscles our blood takes it to the liver for conversion into pyruvate after which it gets converted into glucose that is then utilized for energy. But for this process to be carried out even a higher amount of energy is used that results in a deficit of the total energy. When the acidic levels in the body have to be lowered there is a requirement of minerals for making soluble compounds.

A lot of muscles are cannibalized for getting the minerals that reduce the functioning. This is why an acidic body is often lethargic and fatigued. When the body is alkalized it can easily combat the acidosis process at the level of muscles and can produce more amounts of energy and other substances that are needed for other normal functions.

Helps in improving gastrointestinal health

improving gastrointestinal health

It is a well-known fact that the main cause of acidity is the increased amount of acid production in the stomach. The glands in stomach produce hydrochloric acid that is important for protein digestion in food. But sometimes the passage back towards esophagus also called as an acid reflux causes heartburn and other acidity problems. This can lead to serious issues like permanent damage and might even trigger cancer growth. Normally the stomach acid is neutralized by the pancreatic juices that consist of sodium bicarbonate.

In case this is not carried out efficiently might lead to discomfort caused by inflammation in intestinal walls. Acidity also comes with other symptoms like vomiting, stomach ache, and indigestion.

This is why keeping the body in an alkaline mode is important, although oral antacids are prescribed and they do give a temporary relief. But if your diet consists of foods that are alkaline in nature you can be assured of more permanent and lasting results.


Helps with weight loss

Help with weight loss

One of the major reasons that our body has accumulated toxins is their deposits in fat tissues. Excessive acid in the body is a huge problem and might even be fatal. In any normal metabolic process, acid tends to get produced naturally but our body also has different mechanisms that ensure the body pH is immediately brought back in the normal ranges.

But when our body faces acidosis for some reason this extra acid is not removed from the body and our body’s adaptive mechanism to fight this is weight gain. So when you keep your body alkaline the reduction in acidity prevents this kind of fat storage and weight gain. This is one of the important features of an alkaline diet as people on it experience a considerable reduction in weight.

It has Anti-ageing effects

Anti-ageing effcets

Aging just not only refers to wrinkles and grey hair but also some of the serious health issues that can arise. The cardiovascular and nervous system of the body is also affected by aging. That is why the cases of stroke, cardiac arrests, and Alzheimer’s disease are more prone to aging. And although aging is a natural process premature aging is something we are dealing with today.

For example, the UV sun exposure causes photoaging and is enhanced with the acidic body. Having sodas and high sugary food is a part of our daily diet. An easy way to prevent it is by keeping the body alkaline, drink lots of water and including a healthy green juice smoothie in your diet every day. It will improve the enzyme function in the skin and hence will have anti-aging effects.


So these were some of the important reasons as to why we must try alkalizing our body. For a healthy life and to maintain an alkaline body we must make sure that our diet consists of organic fruits and vegetables in huge quantities.


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