Monday , March 27 2023
How Asif from Bangladesh successfully got CABG surgery done for his father

Asif Father’s CABG Surgery Experience


I would like to thanks, Credihealth and Medanta hospital, with the deepest gratitude and appreciation on behalf of my father-in-law and the entire family. We are truly overwhelmed by the kindness and assistance provided by the entire Credihealth team for the treatment of my father-in-law.

We came all the way from Bangladesh for his treatment and this entire medical journey was very smooth, all thanks to the Credihealth. We felt that my father-in-law had some heart-related problem as earlier he could walk for 5-6 kilometres but lately in only 100-200 meters he would be out of breath. So, we thought of getting the initial checkup done in India as in our country, despite having a good medical facility, we don’t have many reliable diagnostic centres and test reports we get are usually dubious and wrong.

On consulting doctors in India, we got to know that my father-in-law would need CABG. Initially, we were surprised and wanted to have a second opinion. That’s when I started doing online research and came across Credihealth. Going through the reviews, I immediately decided to follow up Credihealth to know the background of some of the doctors we have looked up to. Credihealth provided us with all the required information on my father-in-law’s condition and thanks to the Credihealth we had a chance of the second opinion with Dr. Naresh Tehran of Medanta Hospital the very next day.

As a foreigner in the country, we had some of our apprehensions when we initially consulted doctors in Fortis. There were processes which we were not completely aware of, which created doubts in our mind. In Medanta as well we were little apprehensive but thanks to Credihealth, everything was well scheduled and managed and within 30 minutes of our arrival, we get to meet Dr. Naresh Tehran. His second opinion was also the same, which helped us in making the decision quickly.

Because of Credihealth, I was able to fully concentrate on the patient while Credihealth assists me to a great extent in getting all the processes and formalities done giving a mental peace. Credihealth not only helped us in getting a fair and reasonable deal in terms of expenses, but we were also upgraded to the luxurious single room.

I will definitely recommend Credihealth to all of my friends looking for overseas treatment as it is very organised and patients can be rest assured about the administrative as well as the overall management part. They will assist you throughout the medical process and ensure to provide a very good quality of service. – Mr. Asif

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