The healthcare industry is one that typically affects everyone. However, unfortunately, this also happens to be one specific industry that has historically had a bad reputation in terms of providing customer experience that is far less than positive and in fact below par.

  • Looking into 2019, the good news is that the healthcare industry at large is now focusing more on customer experience. Almost all participants including the healthcare companies, clinics, hospitals and even the home care providers are now looking for ways to improve their customer experience.
  • Aided by the available new technologies and modified approaches, this has become far too easier for them. In short, technology and its use in healthcare processes and facilities have given them the power to transform and take healthcare to a whole new level.

Here are a few top trends followed in the healthcare industry to notice that will take customer experience to a new height in 2019 and beyond.

Augmented Reality Training

Across all industries and even healthcare, augmented reality or AR has made a noticeable trend that has impacted the industry by a great deal. In fact, in the healthcare industry, AR is extremely powerful. It is one of the most powerful and strongest applications in medical training. Using this technology, healthcare providers can see:

  • Diagnosis
  • Right procedures to follow
  • Learn new skills and
  • Improve their skill and expand their knowledge.

Augmented Reality also facilitates training more caregivers at once. This, in fact, will enable them to fight against the shortage in supply of trained professionals all over the world considering the extensive rise in demand for health care at homes as well as in the numerous medical facilities.

  • With this innovative and useful technology, a doctor or a caregiver can now easily look into the different treatment options that pop up on the screen while looking at the different conditions.
  • This technology will also help them to see the growth charts that appear around during a regular checkup of the patient.

This technology has enabled doctors and home caregivers to treat patients seamlessly instead of having to spend lots of time reading medical histories and studies to define a condition and refine their skills. All the reports and information they require will simply appear on a screen in front of them.

Leveraging the Data

In order to ensure that the best health care is provided across all patients, a lot of data needs to be used. However, the new types of data need new ways of collecting them for further use, better health care jobs and analysis. Moreover, the way of collecting will create a significant impact on the customer experience.

It is only the use of automated systems that can sift through the huge amounts of data in real-time. Use of such automated services will enable the caregivers to leverage these and use it to:

  • Provide the best treatment
  • Ensure the highest possible patient experience and
  • Provide the best results in quickest possible time.

These healthcare data may come in many different forms an each will have different types of use.

  • It can be a survey report based on the feedbacks of different patents that visit the clinic which will help them to look into the areas that need further development
  • It can be the numbers of busiest days and times for the clinics so that they can staff their offices properly and accordingly
  • The data can help them to predict when a patient may get sick so that they can take necessary preventative actions to remedy it
  • It can help the care providers to design better and more personalized healthcare plans according to the needs of individual patients
  • It can also help them to prevent conditions from going out of control and prevent the spreading of a potentially infectious disease
  • It will also allow the providers to get a more complete view of the care and diagnosis of each patient that may potentially remove the intake of pre-visit questionnaires.

All these data and information will ensure that the patients escape the most frustrating and upsetting aspects of healthcare.

Patient Personalization is the Key

Healthcare Trends

There is no time to spare for the customers today and there is certainly not enough time to fall sick. Even if they do, they do not want to wait for a long time around for care services. They do not want any services that they do not need. That means the caregivers must be very precise and professional in their jobs, whether it is steward health care jobs or any other.

Therefore, it is required by the health care industry professionals to have enough data for growth to ensure precision in their jobs. This data will help them to personalize the healthcare experience, starting now and growing in the future.

The healthcare facilities now do not follow the ‘one size fits all’’ approach. Instead, they treat every patient differently and as per the need to create and provide a completely personalized experience for each patient. Here comes the use of data handy. This helps the clinics and hospitals to:

  • See the doctors that a patient prefers
  • Whether they want to see the doctor in person or remotely
  • Know their health history and medical records and
  • Know and consider any potential health or medical issues.

As for the patient, it means that rather than navigating through loads of data and a complex web of healthcare representatives, the patients can now access all relevant information easily just as the doctors can access their information to diagnose and treat in a better way.

All this save a lot of time and hassle, efforts and money and ensures that right treatment options, preventative care suggestion and recommendations are made.

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Ensuring Smart Healthcare

Therefore, the use of technology as above including wearable devices and IoT technology in healthcare have proved to be the most powerful tools that will keep the patients involved and invested in their personal wellbeing, both now as well in the future.

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