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health benefits of green tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea – A Good Health Drink For All

Green tea has become a popular beverage across the world. The dairy buffs at some point go for health benefits of Green tea with a love for its taste without knowing its health benefits. Yes, it is considered a great beverage with numerous health benefits. The article shall provide the reader’s gamut of information about the health benefits of Green tea.


Camellia sinensis (tea shrub) leaves are used in making all the different types of teas including green tea. But for making green tea its leaves do not undergo the process of withering and oxidation as it is done for other types of tea. The leaves are left un-oxidized and unfermented giving the green colour. 

Health Benefits of Green tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea in the following ways:

Powerful antioxidant  

Since green tea contains un-oxidized leaves it is considered a natural antioxidant. It is rich in polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant. Due to its high antioxidant content, green tea helps in controlling bleeding from wounds, helps in healing of wounds, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation.

Apart from polyphenols green tea also contains an antioxidant named epigallocatechin-3 gallate that helps in healing cells, prevents cell damage, and reduces free radicals in the body thereby preventing inflammation and damage of cells. 

Green tea and Cancer

Due to its powerful antioxidant property, it is found that regular intake of green tea is associated with lowering the risk of cancer and regular diseases like fever. 

Green tea and heart disease

Green tea also is associated with reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It is found to help in lowering blood pressure, decreasing body inflammation, and enhancing epithelial functions all helping in reducing heart diseases. 

Green Tea for healthy hair

Health Benefits of Green tea is healthy hair growth. It normally maintains and balances the natural oil production in the scalp and increases new hair strands’ growth. While drinking it, your hair and roots are strengthened over time. This beverage shields hair loss because of its growth-promoting traits. Besides its consumption, spraying it all over the hair from root to tip gives you bouncy hair. Using green tea in both ways nourishes, shields, and improves your hair. 

Green Tea for healthy weight loss

People, who desire small waistlines, can go for green tea. Yes, people with a healthy diet with regular exercise can see amazing results along with cups of hot green tea. Exactly for obesity, it brings out WOW results by flooding the body with more antioxidants to soothe the digestive system, thus dropping hunger and craving. You can enjoy the weight loss journey incorporated with green tea. Just hurry and stick onto cups of hot green tea to balance your calories.

Green Tea for boosting brain function

Green tea contains both caffeine and L-theanine components. Caffeine is regarded as a mental stimulant that enhances brain functions, mood, and reaction time. L-theanine is known to enhance the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA which is known for its anti-anxiety effects. Thus, green tea enhances brain functions, reduces anxiety, increases brain alertness, and improves working memory.  

Green tea compounds protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals and thus help in protecting memory cells. Thus, it blocks plaque formation that is known to be linked with Alzheimer’s disease.

Green Tea for Diabetes

The loaded substances in the green tea help in beating type-2 diabetes thus controlling blood sugar levels. Diabetes-associated obesity is well controlled by Peach green tea extract. Green tea along with a healthy lifestyle brings out a natural harmless remedy to balance blood glucose levels. 

Green Tea for Acne

Are you worried about acne even after trying out many expensive items? Just keep away your worries. The best remedy for your glowing skin is Green tea. This acne-buster helps to clean clogged pores, controls excessive sebum secretion, and protects skin from free radical damage.

The presence of Caffeine, polyphenols, and flavonoids are the key substances in fighting against these problems. Its antibacterial property saves skin from bacterial infections. Health Benefits of  green tea is in the forms of dietary supplements, topical treatments besides having it in cups. 

Is there any restriction to drinking Green tea?

We do not yet have any proven record for limiting its intake. However, depending on a person’s health and lifestyle the intake of green tea varies. Different amounts of green tea intake fetches different results. In a controlled study, we may read, a person who takes 1-3 cups of green tea daily experiences a lower risk of stroke, cardiac problems than a person who takes less than a cup.

It’s also indicated that women who take at least five cups of Green tea daily are prone to fewer chances of colon cancer. But, it depends on how much one consumes proportionately to tolerance. Yes, it is good to add green tea to your diet chart whereas the times of intake depend on your physical condition. Thus, health benefits of green tea innumerably.

Green Tea in times of Pregnancy

Pregnant women can take 1-2 cups of green tea but it is not recommended to exceed two cups per day because drinking more may stop the absorption of Folic acid which is essential for the baby’s growth. So, ladies! You are requested to limit the intake during the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy to avoid any birth-related defects.

And, this tea contains a small amount of caffeine that might raise blood pressure and heart beating rate. These conditions may lately affect their sleep pattern. So, please be careful. 

Does green tea play with iron levels?

Like other types of tea, green tea has abundant tannins. This interferes with iron absorption. So, it is not advisable to drink green tea along with iron-rich diets. At least provide one hour gap between iron foods and tea. 


On the whole, drinking green tea is healthy. However, considering the above-discussed facts, the same can be taken with some safety measures. Analyse your body nutrient needs and add your green tea to fetch you good results.

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