“Would you like an adventure now or shall we have our tea first?” If your answer is tea first, we are with you. Tea is the ultimate companion of Indians. As a bonus, it has numerous health benefits. But we are not talking about your regular cup of tea. This post discusses black tea benefits and how it can add value to your well-being.

Black Tea is, basically, a tea that is served without any added milk or sugar. It is the more oxidized form of tea. Before we begin discussing the advantages of black tea, let’s take a look at its nutritional value.

Do You Know?

  • 1 cup of Black tea has 1 calorie, 0g fat, 0.36g carbs, and 0g protein.
  • Consumption of 3 cups of black tea reduces the risk of heart disease up to 11 %.
  • Black Tea helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Black Tea Benefits

Early morning? Tea. Late-night? Tea. Stressed? Tea. Bored? Tea. Good weather? Tea. Bad weather? Tea. If tea is the answer to all your questions, doubts or concerns, this post is for you. The advantages of black tea are incredibly popular. Here is a list of black tea benefits so that you feel better about having your next cup.

1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the substances that hold back oxidation. Black tea is considered the top player of antioxidants. Black tea is deduced from the plant called camellia tea. This plant is a good host of various antioxidants.

Black tea has polyphenols that promotes the wellbeing of a person and removes the possibility of developing chronic diseases.

2. Heart-health

There is a popular belief that drinking black tea everyday uplifts heart health. Luckily, this belief is backed by scientific evidence. Black tea is enriched with flavonoids. This substance is very well known for its benefits to the human heart.

Black Tea Benefits, Advantages of Black Tea, Black Tea side Effects

If you drink a cup of black tea every day, your chances of having heart diseases are decreased. According to a study, chances of heart diseases decrease by up to 11% by the consumption of three cups of black tea every day.

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3. Lowers Cholesterol

Black tea has the ability to lower bad cholesterol LDL. Lower cholesterol equals a healthier heart. Black tea can also help reduce high blood pressure. Studies have shown that regular intake of black tea lowers high blood pressure largely.

The advantages of black tea for your heart health does not stop here. Black tea is very beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels. It is the perfect beverage for diabetic patients. All these benefits combined make black tea the chief drink for promoting the health of your heart.

It significantly reduces the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

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4. Digestion

Your mom must have asked you to make her a cup of tea after a heavy meal. Most Indian households are accustomed to drinking tea post meals. This is because tea, especially black tea, helps in solving digestion issues. Black tea is known to have properties that alleviate digestive problems.

Black Tea Benefits, Advantages of Black Tea, Black Tea side Effects

Black tea helps in the growth of good bacteria. On top of that, it helps in reducing bad bacteria. It has positive effects on an upset stomach as well. Drinking black tea boosts your digestion by reducing inflammation in the stomach.

5. Cancer

One of the most important benefits of consuming black tea is the fact that it helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Scientific studies have shown that antioxidants present in black tea decrease the growth of a tumor.

The antioxidant substances found in black tea protect cells from DNA damage. Odds of developing bladder, lung, and prostate cancer are lowered by drinking black tea.

6. Focus

It is a common recommendation to drink tea when one is sleepy at the wrong time. Black tea, like any other type of tea, contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine present in black tea helps our brain to maintain focus at a high level. Brain’s focus is increased when one consumes black tea. This is because black tea improves the flow of blood to the brain.

An amino acid called L-theanine is also found in black tea which balances the side effects of caffeine. Additionally, your energy levels may also elevate by drinking black tea. Your metabolism and alertness are also highly increased with black tea.

7. Immunity

One of the major black tea benefits is that it boosts your body’s immune system. Drinking black tea on an everyday basis uplifts the body’s strength to fight viruses. The biomarkers of the immune system are positively affected by the use of black tea.

Research has found that those who drink black tea are more capable of fighting infections than those who don’t.

8. Bone Health

We have already discussed that black tea contains flavonoids. These substances are helpful for heart health. In addition to that, the flavonoids are good for bone health. Studies have proven that people who drink black tea have better and healthier bones compared to the people who don’t.

Black tea consumption can reduce the risk of Osteoporosis. Since this condition most likely occurs in women, black tea is more helpful for them. Black tea affects the bone density in a positive manner. This is why bone loss is related to aging.

9. Weight Loss

One of the prime advantages of black tea is its ability to help lose weight. Black tea is probiotic. It has been found in studies that fat deposits are burnt more efficiently with the consumption of black tea. This promotes weight loss.

Black Tea Benefits, Advantages of Black Tea, Black Tea side Effects

Black tea is a perfect substitute for other beverages. Because of the low amount of calories present in black tea, it supports weight loss to a large extent. Black tea is also responsible for fat distribution in the body. This mechanism helps in gaining healthy body weight.

10. Stress

A cup of tea after a long stressful day can be good. But a cup of black tea can be better. This is because research has proven black tea to be of great benefit with respect to stress. It was found that people who drink black tea remain more relaxed and at ease. The active ingredients in black tea are responsible for this.

11. Oral Health

Black tea is great for your oral hygiene. The reason behind this is the fact that black tea targets harmful bacteria in the mouth. These harmful bacteria can cause cavities. And thus black tea helps in the prevention of cavities in the teeth.

Black Tea Benefits, Advantages of Black Tea, Black Tea side Effects

Black tea also affects the enzymes that lead to the formation of plaque. The bacteria that lead to the development of plaque are slowed down or rinsed with black tea.

12. Skin and Hair

Black tea is surprisingly very good for skin and hair. Besides the various health benefits for our internal body, it enhances our external body too. Black tea can prevent several skin infections and has anti-aging ingredients. Since it contains antioxidants, black tea helps the skin to glow. Not only your skin, but black tea adds shine to your hair also.

Black Tea Benefits, Advantages of Black Tea, Black Tea side Effects

It is proven to bring radiance and thickness to hair. Black tea also helps against hair fall and promotes the growth of the hair.

Black Tea Side Effects

Sadly nothing is the world is perfect. And though imperfections can be embraced, some of them should be avoided. Just like everything, black tea also has some disadvantages. These disadvantages show up in the form of black tea side effects.

  • Headache- Drinking large amounts of black tea can cause rebound headaches due to the presence of caffeine.
  • Anxiety and Nervousness- On one hand, it can relieve stress, on the other hand, if not taken in a moderate quantity, black tea may increase anxiety and nervousness.
  • Problems in sleeping- Because black tea contains caffeine, it can stimulate your brain’s activity and cause difficulty in sleeping. It can also increase your energy levels leading to no sleep.
  • Nausea and Vomiting- If black tea is taken on an empty stomach, it can leave you nauseated. This is because of the presence of a component called tannin.
  • Tremors- Anything in excess can be dangerous, and so is black tea. Large amounts of black tea can cause changes to a person’s sensitivity and cause tremors.
  • Increased urination- Caffeine can lead to bladder control issues. Since black tea has caffeine, it can cause increased urination problems as a side effect.
  • Other black tea side effects include diarrhea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in the ears, convulsions, confusion, and disturbed stomach.

Please note that these side effects are mostly a result of excess consumption of black tea. If taken in a moderate amount, black tea benefits rather than causes harm.


“Make tea, not war”, Monty Python.

We hope we have given you more than enough reasons to make tea. Black tea benefits are extended to great lengths. This article is a collective study of the various advantages of black tea. To caution you, we have also mentioned some black tea side effects. It is recommended to drink two cups of black tea every day to see visible benefits.

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