Blood Cancer Treatment Myths Debunked

The vast majority of people have begun to believe myths about blood cancer treatments, types, and symptoms. Learn more in this blog!

Blood Cancer Treatment Myths Debunked
Blood Cancer Treatment Myths Debunked
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Know about the Myth of Blood Cancer Treatment - Blood cancer is a generalised term for describing the cancers that affect the blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic system. The overall symptoms include swollen or bleeding gums, headaches, common flu-like symptoms (nights sweats, chills), swollen tonsils, bone pain, weight loss and fatigue. It is advisable for you to consult your trusted haematologist (blood doctor) or an oncologist (cancer doctor) and get a proper blood cancer treatment if you are suffering from these common symptoms and get a clear idea since all blood problems are not blood cancers. Blood Cancer Treatment Thousands of people all around the world are suffering from blood cancers. A vast majority of people have started believing the myths related to blood cancer treatment. Following are a few pointers debunking these myths and replacing them with facts so that you don't get tricked into believing it:

#1. Myth: Superfoods Prevent Cancer

Fact: Superfoods include all the different types of berries, green tea, broccoli, chia seeds etc. It is a common misconception that these superfoods' have some unique ability to prevent cancer. On the other hand, several researchers have concluded the fact that there is no such thing as superfoods. It is merely a marketing tool devised to sell food products without any real scientific basis. Blood cancer treatment is an extremely complicated process with a number of complexities.

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#2. Myth:Acidic Diet Causes Cancer

Fact:  Another idea around blood cancer suggests that 'acidic' diet causes your blood to become more 'acidic', resulting in an increased vulnerability towards cancer. Biologically speaking, this is not applicable. Blood cancer treatment does not mean making your diet more alkaline. It is true that cancer cells cannot survive in an overly alkaline bloodstream, but neither can any other cells present in your body. The natural Ph levels in our bodies are balanced correctly with the help of urine depending on whatever food has been consumed. There has been no scientific proof or evidence supporting the fact that diet can manipulate the whole body.

#3. Myth:Sweets Promote Cancer

Fact: Another myth states that cancer cells feed on the sugar present in our body, suggesting that during the cancer treatment sweets should be completely excluded from the patient's diet. The sugar that we generally consume is present in the form of sucrose made from glucose and fructose stuck together. During the process of digestion, this bond is broken and digested and absorbed into our blood streams in order to provide us with energy. All the cells in our body, cancerous, or not, use glucose for energy. While sugary diet needs to be controlled for an individual to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is far from saying that sugar feeds cancer. Find the best treatment for your cancer at Narayana Delhi. Easily book an appointment on our website and get back on your feet! Also Read: Try These 9 Super Supplements for Fighting Cancer

#4. Myth:Cancer is Contagious

Fact: Cancer by itself cannot directly be transferred from person to person. It is not a contagious disease, apart from some cancers that are caused by viruses and bacterias eg. Human papillomavirus (cervical cancer), hepatitis B and hepatitis C (liver cancer). Close contact, touching or sharing meals with a patient being treated for cancer cannot under any circumstances cause cancer. One person's cancer cells cannot survive in the body of a healthy individual since the foreign cancer cells would be destroyed by the immunity system. Many people get fooled due to the misconception and myths. It would be advisable for you to get your facts right and not unnecessarily panic about these myths. Schedule an appointment with your trusted doctor in any cancer hospital in India and clear your doubts.
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