According to studies, one in every two men and one in every three women can be affected by cancer. As a precaution, everyone should try to reduce the chances of getting cancer by following a healthy lifestyle along with anti-cancer foods. Though, you can always consult a cancer doctor if you have any concerns.

Detection of tumour at an early stage when it is small and hasn’t spread increases the probability of successful treatment. Always remember that cancer detection at the early stage can be lifesaving, therefore in the case of complications consult or visit a Cancer doctor immediately for a preventive screening test for various types of cancer like:

  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Cervix
  • Prostate
  • Skin

At times you may find conflicting stats on cancer prevention and wonder what exactly you need to do. Just follow simple and healthy lifestyle. Now, let us understand some of the probable causes of cancer followed by precautionary steps to avoid cancer.

Avoid the Usage of Tobacco

Any form of tobacco intake can cause oral cancer. Smoking is one of the prime factors that can cause various types of cancer like mouth, cervix, lungs, throat, kidney, bladder, larynx and pancreas. Even chewing tobacco can cause cancer in mouth and pancreas. That’s not all, even passive smoking can increase the chances of lung cancer. So, as a precaution avoid tobacco immediately, the decision to quit smoking or any tobacco product can be difficult at times but in such cases ask your doctor to know about strategies to quit tobacco.

Eat Fresh and Healthy Diet

In order to reduce the risk of cancer, one can make a smart choice of eating healthy and fresh food. Though eating healthy diet doesn’t guarantee prevention from cancer but certainly, minimises the risk factors.

Control Obesity

Try to avoid junk foods, high-calorie diets along with food with animal fats, conventional dairy products or refined sugar

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Control your diet, include fruits and green vegetables along with whole grains to stay healthy

Please note that leafy green vegetables, berries, fresh herbs, citrus fruits, nuts, cruciferous vegetables, organic meat like chicken liver are some of the top cancer-fighting foods.

Avoid Processed Meats

A big “No” to processed meats as it can trigger the risk of certain types of cancer

Minimise Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has many health risks associated as it can cause cancer like lung, breast, kidney, colon to name a few

Avoid Stress to Prevent Cancer

Stress is known as a silent killer, it slowly hampers your health and leads to many diseases. Often people refer that stress and emotional issues can even trigger the development of cancer.

Try to manage your stress with regular meditation, yoga or other exercise, techniques to relieve stress.

Proper Protection from the Sun

To avoid skin cancer, protect yourself from the sun. It is recommended to avoid midday sun, as sun rays are much stronger between 11 am to 3 pm. Try to be in the shade while you walk out in sun or try to cover exposed areas from ultraviolet radiation. Make sure you use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Stay Physically Active to Avoid Cancer doctor

To stay healthy, each individual should do regular exercise along with physical activities. This ensures that your body parts are active, proper blood circulation, healthy weight and thus reducing the risk of cancer. If you are fit and active you can lower down the risk of kidney, lungs and prostate cancer.

In case you face any issues, you should not linger on it for long. Immediately consult a cancer doctor nearby to take an opinion. Yes, it is hard to eliminate the risk of cancer completely but the one can always try to follow the right steps. A small change in habit can bring in big benefits, so start following the preventive action to ensure a better and healthy life ahead.

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