Thursday , February 20 2020
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Docs are Gods

Credihealth understands a patient’s point of view as well a doctor’s point of view.

Is it the surgeon’s fault?


Been told by your doctor that surgery is the last resort for treating your condition? Or that the surgery may not have a 100% success rate? Or are you angry …

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Why did my doctor refer me to another specialist?

Pacemaker FAQS

The sole reason you visit a doctor is because you expect answers for the symptoms you have been having, and to be handed a clear diagnosis. However, you find that …

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The right treatment from the right doctor


A doctor undergoes years of intense studies and practice to become qualified for undertaking a responsible job – maintaining a patient’s health. They are those beings in whom we put …

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Did you have a satisfying doctor’s visit?


With numerous patients to check up on in a day, your doctor may only have few minutes with you during your appointment. Make it count by addressing your issue clearly …

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Doctor or Google: Who do you trust?


Many people are turning to the Internet to find out the cause of a particular symptom. While the Web is full of information, is it possible to self-diagnose? Or is …

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Do you trust your doctor?


A doctor’s job is not an easy one. Being faced with high expectations from patients and questioned about their decisions is becoming increasing commonplace. Read more to understand this dilemma. …

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