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Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is a type of cancer or tumor that attacks the blood, bone marrow, lymph and lymphatic system. And, it is broadly classified into three categories namely, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma. People with blood cancers visit a doctor called a haematologist (blood doctor) or oncologist (cancer doctor).

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Reliance Hospital Mumbai: One -Stop For Treatment Of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer Treatment in Reliance Hospital, Navi umbai

“Cancer is a word. Not a sentence.” Truly said, cancer does not have to be a life sentence for an individual. With its numerous types and stages, cancer has been …

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Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Types and Treatment

blood cancer

Blood cancer is a broader term related to cancers that directly attack the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system. There are three blood cancer types, namely, leukemia, which happens due …

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Blood Cancer Treatment Myths Debunked

blood cancer myth

Blood cancer is a generalised term for describing the cancers that affect the blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic system. The overall symptoms include swollen or bleeding gums, headaches, common flu-like …

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Foods That Help To Prevent Blood Cancer

oods to prevent Blood Cancer

Although it’s not established that there are certain food or diet that can prevent or cure blood cancer or any other cancers, You can check blood cancer types adopt healthy lifestyle …

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