Bone & Joints

This section consists health articles on bone and joints – covering all common and uncommon disorders concerning the spine, bones and joints. Click here to view top orthopedics in India.

Credihealth Care – Image – Knee Joint Dislocation

Knee Joint Dislocation

A Knee Joint Dislocation or Tibiofemoral Joint Dislocation is an extremely serious injury, imposing a threat to limb presence and its functionality. The dislocation occurs when the bone of the …

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Bone Breakdown: Osteolysis

Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts are bone cells which are responsible for controlling the amount of bone tissue. Osteoblasts form bones whereas osteoclasts break down bones. Osteolysis refers to an active resorption …

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Credihealth Care – Image – Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

About Iliotibial Band Syndrome The Iliotibial Band (ITB) Syndrome (ITBS) is a common lateral knee pain condition, especially among athletes involved in running, hiking, cycling, and more. The ITB is …

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Pneumonia in newborn

Genu Varum: Bow Legs

About Genu Varum Bowleg, medically known as Genu Varum, refers to a physical deformity where the legs bow or curve in an outward position, that is, the knees remain apart …

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