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The Kidney & Urology section covers all common and uncommon kidney-related health problems. Click here to view top kidney experts in India.

Antibiotics Kidney Stone Risk

Do Antibiotics Raise Kidney Stone Risk?

As the study of medicines takes a giant leap every day, an equal if not larger, a leap is being taken simultaneously by the ill effects that accompany these medicines. …

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Bladder health, Bladder health supplements, food for bladder health

Bladder Health Month: 8 Foods To Keep Your Bladder Healthy

We seldom think about our urinary habits. It is not until we are stuck in heavy traffic with no lavatories nearby that we focus on our bladder health. Or unless …

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donate kidney

Is It Safe To Donate Kidney For A Loved One?

Kidney removal or nephrectomy is a major surgery that removes a part of the entire kidney. Donor nephrectomy removes a healthy kidney from a donor to be placed in another …

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Kidney Failure Symptoms, What causes Kidney Failure, Kidney Failure Treatment

Understanding Kidney Failure Symptoms: Know if your kidneys are at risk

Let’s play a game. Extend the fingers of your hands. Curl them inwards. Now tightly clench them into your palm. What you see now is a fist. Game over! Your …

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Chronic kidney disease, chronic kidney disease symptoms, chronic kidney disease stages, chronic kidney disease treatment

Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms, Stages and Treatment

Times have changed and so has our lifestyles. We all live in a world, where each one is running a race of their own. The stress levels have gone up …

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Tips to Improve Your Urological Health

The advice of a urologist will help you to maintain your health and recognize the threat to sexual function in time. At the same time, it is important not to …

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kidney disease

8 Symptoms of Kidney Infection & Disease You Must Know About

Kidneys are important organs of the body with multiple functions. But, due to various factors, they may experience problems that can affect the whole body. Mostly all kidney or renal …

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dialysis all you need to know

Everything You Need To Know About Dialysis

Renal Failure is also called as end-stage renal disease. Kidney disease can get worse over time and may lead to kidney failure. If less than 15% of your kidney is …

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Life after Kidney transplant, kidney transplant life expectancy

Life after Kidney Transplant

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body. They help release toxic waste matter from the body’s system by acting as a filter. This filtration process helps …

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uric acid diet menu - uric acid meaning - how to control uric acid

How To Control Uric Acid By Adopting A Uric Acid Diet Menu

There are times when you might have noticed that a person walking down the hallway has swollen ankles as big as their thigh. This not because they are overweight or …

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Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant: Complications

Kidney transplant is like any other surgery and involves major risk factors like blood clotting, bleeding, infection, failure of the donated kidney, and rejection of the donated kidney. However, there …

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Burning After Urination – Why & What to do?

Burning urination or painful urination is medically referred to as dysuria. And it may be a caused by multiple factors. It may occur during urination or shortly afterwards. Women are …

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Symptoms of Uterine Fibroid

Symptoms of Uterine Fibroid

Uterine fibroid are abnormal growth that happens in a woman’s uterus and thought here is no reason as to why they form, most of the researchers attribute their growth to …

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Signs of Bladder Infection in Men

Signs of Bladder Infection in Men

Bladder infection in men are usually not found below the age of 50. Most of these infections are caused by the internal bowl flora, which may be harmless to bowel …

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Preventing Bladder Infection Crediblog

Preventing Bladder Infection

Bladder infection can be really hard on the patient since apart from frequent visit to the washroom, is causes burning sensation in the genital area and is painful. Preventing Bladder …

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Aged Male – Benign Prostate Hyperplasia – Englarged Prostate

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) – Things You Should Know

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), also known as Prostate Enlargement is the most common cause of lower urinary tract problems in ageing male. Men in their 50s hardly experience any symptoms …

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Understanding the Concept of Dialysis

Dialysis is carried out in patients whose kidney/kidneys have stopped functioning normally. External support helps perform the functions of the kidney. It helps patients with kidney failure to lead a …

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kidney transplant

Kidney Transplant – Post Transplant Care

Post-transplant care is very essential to ensure a successful kidney transplant and avoid any factors that induce kidney damage. This usually comprises of lifestyle changes, dietary restrictions, and sticking to …

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Five Foods to Avoid When you Have Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are formed when three compounds: calcium, phosphorus and oxalate, found in urine, become over-concentrated. In order to gain energy and repair body tissues, we eat food. After absorbing …

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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

While sharing his views on ways to prevent kidney stones, an experienced Nephrologist in Gurgaon says Kidney stone prevention basically means preventing certain conditions that lead to the development of these …

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