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Eye Health

This section consists health articles on Eye problems – covering all common and uncommon disorders. Click here to view top eye experts in India.

colour blindness

Colour Blindness 101

Colour blindness or CVD (Colour vision Deficiency) is the inability to fully see certain colours. This happens when the colour recognizing receptors in the eyes fails to work properly. There …

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How Do Eyes Work?

Before we consider how eyes work or vision happens, we need to understand the structure of our eyes. Each eye consists of a transparent structure in the front that helps …

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13 Healthy Eyesight Tips

It is easy to ignore the health and well-being of eyes – a pair of small ‘almond shaped’ delicate organs of sight. Most eye problems go unnoticed until one starts experiencing challenge in …

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India & Eye care

If we ask how many times you have consciously thought about the wellbeing of your eyes – the answer may not look very encouraging. An organ that is so ignored …

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