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Healthcare in India

Healthcare in India is a section covering statistics, diseases, especially pertaining to India.

Why Don’t We Take Depression Seriously?


Many people have been depressed for years and are unaware of it. Everyone has autumn melancholy, bad days, self-doubt, but depression is not just a bad mood. In modern society, this …

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Smartphones and Wearables Driving Latest Health Trends in 2020

healthcare trend in 2020

Constant technological innovations have now enabled us to monitor our daily activity, heart rate and sugar levels among other vital parameters in real-time. Thanks to smartphone health applications and wearables …

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The List of Services for the Mandatory Medical Insurance Policy for 2020

Health Insurance

The compulsory medical insurance policy entitles its owners to receive several medical services in the country and abroad for free. Every year, the list of procedures and the requirements of …

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The Importance of Physiotherapy


An episode of back pain can last for several weeks, and may also reoccur upon treatment. Physiotherapy is often considered to decrease back pain, increase function, provide education and support …

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Redefining Healthcare With Experience, Excellence & Empathy


Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra is a luminary in the medical discipline of preventive cardiology and surgery and needs no introduction. After an illustrious stint of close to 28 years in Escorts …

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Do you know In 2018, Around 770000 People Died From AIDS?


According to Dr. Rajat Goyal, the head of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s (IAVI) India operations: “The 32nd annual World AIDS Day is upon us and it serves as a …

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Immunoglobulin Industry: High Prevalence of Primary Immunodeficiency to Foster Growth

immunoglobulin industry

Upgrade in Intervention Technology to Propel Growth The increasing cases of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) and primary immunodeficiency (PI) are the major factors anticipated to drive the global immunoglobulin …

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5 Essential Healthcare Apps You Need Now!

Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care app

As children, we worried that someday aliens would take over the world. That silly thought may not have come true, but the entire world has given in to something else …

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Department Of Critical Care Medicine at Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai

Critical care medicine, Reliance Hospital

For any hospital, the critical care department is one of the most important departments. Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai has one of the best critical care departments in the city. They …

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Trends Followed To Augment Customer Experience For Healthcare

Healthcare Trends

The healthcare industry is one that typically affects everyone. However, unfortunately, this also happens to be one specific industry that has historically had a bad reputation in terms of providing …

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Reliance Hospital Mumbai: Centre For Best Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

Our generation has grown up with the “Hamare zamane mein” narratives recited by our parents and grandparents. There are numerous anecdotes, both online and offline, that entail how our elders …

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Reliance Hospital Mumbai: A Step Towards Awareness Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Awareness

We all know about cancer. It is a life-threatening disease that can result in death if one doesn’t get the right treatment on time. A few years back, the treatment …

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MARS: Latest Progression Of Ambulances In India


Medical care is not a privilege but a need. And emergency medical care is rather a dire need. Grasping the ground details of how medical emergencies are tackled in India, …

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Reliance Hospital Mumbai: One -Stop For Treatment Of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer Treatment in Reliance Hospital, Navi umbai

“Cancer is a word. Not a sentence.” Truly said, cancer does not have to be a life sentence for an individual. With its numerous types and stages, cancer has been …

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Overview: Centre Of Excellence Of Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai

Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai

To heal and save people’s lives, Reliance hospital, Navi Mumbai was established. It is a super-specialty hospital that commits to delivering quality healthcare. This renowned hospital is equipped with the …

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Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai: India’s Leading Healthcare Provider

Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai

India is a developing country and there is a scope of improvement in all its industrial sectors. As a citizen, you most certainly would be aware of how Reliance Group, …

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Scanning Apollo Spectra Hospitals: Specialists In Surgery

Apollo Spectra Hospitals

When one thinks of a hospital visit, it is normal to panic. Especially at times when the visit is regarding surgery or an operation, the fear is heightened. So what …

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#FreedomFrom Medical Challenges – Future Of Healthcare In India

FreedomFrom Medical Challenges

73 years ago, India became an independent nation. As a country, we have seen tremendous growth in all industries. Healthcare is one among those that have prospered and added value …

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#FreedomFrom Unsafe Celebrations – 5 steps to have a safe Independence Day

safety and celebration

Every Diwali, your elders would ask you to keep a distance from fireworks. Every Holi, they would rub a variety of oils on you before you would go to get …

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#FreedomFrom Medical Hassle – Book An Appointment

Freedomfrom medical hassle

We have seen many advances in our healthcare system. A few years back, people had to visit the hospital to make an appointment. They had to stand in a queue …

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