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Systematic Health Checks You Should Consider In Your Thirties

Your life is full of responsibilities irrespective of where you are, at work or at home. As you grow older, it is obvious that you can be exposed to the …

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CT Scan, CT Scan Procedure, CT Scan Cost, CT Scan Side Effects

CT Scan: Procedure, Risks, Cost, Benefits And Side Effects

CT scan or Computed Tomography scan is the combination of computers and rotating X-ray machines. It is used to create cross-sectional images of the body. CT scan allows doctors to …

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bone marrow transplantation

Bone Marrow Transplantation

A bone marrow transplant may be defined as a process in which unhealthy and damaged bone marrow stem cells are replaced with healthy and functioning cells, through the process of …

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Alcoholic Liver Disease

Can You Get Alcoholic Liver Disease?

Liver is the largest organ of the human body and encompasses a wide array of tasks which include detoxification, energy production, storage, etc. The food which you eat, after digestion …

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Coronary Angiography – Things You Should Know

What is Coronary Angiography? Coronary Angiography is a procedure, which is done to examine the coronary arteries of the patient’s heart. Angiography is a technique that uses medical imaging to …

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An Introduction to Stress Echocardiography Test

An Introduction to Stress Echocardiography Test

What is a Stress Echo Test? Stress Echocardiography, also known as Stress Echo test, is conducted to check the working of heart muscles and blood vessels. Started in early 1980’s, the …

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Cervical Cancer Treatment

Polyp – Treatment & Prevention

A polyp, in medical terms is defined as the growth of a tissue on top of a mucous membrane. It is called as a pedunculated polyp if the attachment to …

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Pacemaker FAQS


What is PICC line? A Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter line is known as PICC line. It is a flexible plastic tube that can be attached to a syringe or a …

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Pacemaker FAQS

Pacemaker FAQS

What is pacemaker? Pacemaker is a small instrument that is of the size of two silver dollars pasted together. The main function of the instrument is to transmit electrical impulses …

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Robotic Surgery


What is MRI Scan? Magnetic resonance imaging is the process of visualising the human body through images created by magnetic resonance of radiowaves. It is a non-invasive procedure and requires …

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Pacemaker FAQS


What is CT Scan? Computer tomography scanning (CT Scan) is the computerised version of X-ray scans wherein radiations are used to decipher the shape and structure of internal organs of …

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Pulmonary Function Test: FAQs

What is lung function test/Pulmonary function test/spirometry? Pulmonary Function Test or lung function test is a medical procedure that involves an evaluation of the respiratory system of the patient. This …

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10 Common Diagnostic Tests In Urology

This article discusses various diagnostic procedures most often recommended by urologists to analyze the health of the urinary system. Urine Analysis – It is the simplest evaluation of the urine. …

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ShockWave Treatment for Kidney Stones

What is shock wave lithotripsy (SWL)? Shockwave Lithotripsy (SWL) has emerged as the most popular treatment for removing kidney stones. It is a non-invasive procedure in which ultrasonic waves, also …

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Lithotripsy: Most common surgical procedure

The most common surgical procedure, lithotripsy involves the breaking down of any hardened mass like gallstones and kidney stones; that are present within the body. This procedure uses shockwaves to …

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kidney transplant

Why Choose Minimally Invasive Surgeries?

Stones in the kidney, bladder or ureter generally require a surgery to extract the obstruction. The surgeries that are used for such cases are extremely common and barely affect the …

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Lasik Eye Surgery Complications

6 Common Lasik Surgery Complications

Lasik surgery is the procedure where a laser is used for reshaping the cornea. The laser typically referred to as the excimer laser has been especially designed to fix refractive …

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Knee Pain and Joint Replacements (Arthroplasty)

What is a Knee pain? Knee pain defines the soreness that emerges in and around one’s knee joints. The pain intensity can differ depending upon age, cause and the stage …

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Total Hip Replacement: For Comfort & Functionality

What is a Hip Pain? The hip-joint withstands repeated motion and a fair amount of wear and tear. This ball-and-socket joint; the body’s largest; fits together in a way that …

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Use Endoscopy to find out cause of digestive disorders

Gastroenterology caters to disorders in the digestive system of the human body. Imaging tests do not reveal all disorders. Hence, at times, doctors recommend an endoscopic procedure which enables them …

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