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hypothyroidism diet

Best Diet For Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism – What To Eat & Avoid

The thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped gland plays an important role in regulating a number of metabolic processes throughout the day. A patient suffering from thyroid condition experiences affected the efficiency …

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slow carb diet, slow carb diet food list, slow carb diet meal plan

Thing You Need to Know About The Slow Carb Diet

You look fat! You must reduce your weight! Kam Khao, mote ho gye ho! Are you really fed up with these phrases? Then I am sure you must have tried …

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Superfoods for arthritis

7 Superfoods for Arthritis

Patients suffering from arthritis can relate to unbearable pain and severe loss of motion of joints. While most of the times patients depend on drugs to relieve them of these …

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High Protein Diet, Protein Rich Diet, High Protein Vegetarian Diet

Boost Your Health With High Protein Diet For Vegetarians

Proteins are known to be the best friend of vegans who wish to have healthier and toned bodies. However, there is a saying in the market that vegetarians do not …

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Foods to improve immunity

5 Superfoods To Improve Immunity

Every time the weather changes, about half of us get down with either the flu, a viral infection, have cough or develop breathing problems. Aren’t you tired of this cycle? …

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7 Homemade Drinks For Summer To Cool You Down

Try these homemade drinks for summer. It’s the month of April and you can say that sunny days are here again. The more and more days will pass it will …

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health benefits of watermelon juice

Beat The Heat: Top 20 Health Benefits Of Watermelon

It’s summer and we’re excited! Not because of the heat, the reason for our excitement is the seasonal fruit, watermelon. Beating the heat becomes easy if you stay hydrated. The …

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Vegan Diet Benefits, Vegan Diet plan for weight loss

Plan Your Meal Plate With Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss

A vegan diet is one of the most beneficial methods to deal with weight reduction. Plant-based food sources like vegetables, whole grains and fruits are packed with fibre that can …

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low carb indian diet - low carb indian food

Low Carb Indian Diet For Beginners – Ultimate Guide

Has all the rage about growing muscles and losing fat gone to your head? Well, don’t worry, we’ll ease your way into the fitness world with minor changes to your …

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gm diet plan india - gm diet chart - gm diet indian

All About GM Diet Plan: Pros & Cons of GM Diet Indian Version

Do you browse through the internet searching for the best and fastest way to lose weight? Well, thanks to an urban legend that ties a diet plan to General Motors, …

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high calorie food in india - high calorie indian food

Top 10 High Calorie Foods in India

Whether your dilemma has been to either lose those few extra pounds or put them on, you’ve come to the right place. For most of us, the diet has been …

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benefits of honey with milk - milk and honey benefits

Honey & Milk: A Healthy Combo

Yes! we are all aware of the myriad benefits of honey and milk and the crucial role they play in our overall growth and development to ensure a healthy you! …

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calcium rich Indian foods

Top 8 Calcium Rich Indian Foods

Calcium is an essential mineral that is required by our body to maintain strong, healthy bones and carry out myriad important bodily functions. Unfortunately, we are not getting enough of …

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4 Fibre Rich Indian Food Sources & It’s Benefits

Fibre Rich Indian food could prove to be an excellent way to accomplish this target of having a healthy lifestyle for an adult. There has been a lot of research …

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Junk Food

Can Junk Food Weaken Bones?

We have known the range of ill health effects that junk food can cause. Junk foods as we call them are processed foods or fast foods that are highly rich …

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vitamin d rich foods India

Vitamin D Rich Foods For Immunity, Nutrition and Bone Health

For a country that gets abundant sunlight for most parts of the year, it’s strange to find a significant part of our population being diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. It’s …

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7 Nutrients All Breastfeeding Moms Need

All breastfeeding mothers who wish to see optimal growth and development in their baby should follow a healthy eating routine. A healthy diet would ensure that the baby is receiving …

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