You may wonder how allergies affect your health; regular allergies occur due to food reactions or bacteria. However, it can cause itchiness, skin rash, runny nose, and frequent sneezing. Therefore the doctor suggested cetirizine tablets treat common allergies. Cetirizine is an anti-allergic tablet that is prescribed by a medical professional for treating allergic reactions. In addition to this, it can treat many other conditions. The condition includes conjunctivitis, skill reactions, hay fever, and reactions due to unhygienic food. This tablet is usually manufactured in white powder, which is easily soluble in water.  This tablet contains many beneficial ingredients: glycerin, methylparaben, glycol, sodium acetate, purified water, grape flavor, and sucrose. Furthermore, it is necessary to take medical advice before taking the tablet. Generally, the cetirizine oral tablet cost varies from Rs.1000/- per box; however, the price ranges for different brands. In this article, we are going to talk about cetirizine tablet uses its side effects, precautions. 

Cetirizine tablet uses:

Doctors prescribe this tablet when the patient is suffering from seasonal or occasional allergies. Seasonal allergies include normal fever, sickness and itchiness in the throat. Allergies are usually caused by the food or ingredients reaction. Cetirizine tablets use to play a vital role in preventing allergies. However, the pill contains the following illnesses :

  • Sneezing: If you contact the allergens, sneezing or coughing is the most common allergy symptom. Therefore the tablet helps in preventing moderate allergy. 
  • Itchy throat: Itchy throat and soreness can be discomforting. Hence doctors prescribe the tablet for reducing the inflammation in the throat.
  • Runny nose: A running nose is caused due to fever, and therefore doctors suggest this medicine for preventing runny noses. In addition, it helps in combating allergens that are inhaled, such as plant pollen and pet dander.
  • Rashes on skin: Some allergic reactions are severe, which causes rashes on the skin. Hence health experts advise the tablet for treating rashes on the skin.
  • Allergic reaction: One of the severe reactions includes itching eyes and a runny nose. This reaction leads to affecting the respiratory system. Therefore doctors prescribe this medication for the prevention of allergens.

What is the usual dosage of the tablet?

Usually, the cetirizine tablet is manufactured in the form of a 10 MG tablet. If you are struggling with allergic reactions, then doctors will prescribe cetirizine tablets for the same. You mustn’t skip any dose of the tablet. In addition to this, track the tablet dosage and follow the doctor’s schedule given. Overdose can happen if you miss taking medicine. Therefore it is necessary to note your missed dose. Then after the meal, you should take the tablet and follow accordingly. In any case, if you are concerned about the dosage, seek an immediate opinion from your doctor. General instructions for the dosage of the tablet:

  • You should take only 10 MG of one tablet in a single day.
  • Doctors may prescribe two tablets in a day if the allergic reaction is severe.
  • Patients must not exceed 10 MG consumption; it may hinder the respiratory system.

General Side Effects of the tablet – 

The tablet is safe if prescribed by a health expert. However, few significant and minor cetirizine tablet side effects may include :

  1. Headache: In some cases, when the dosage has increased in the medication, you may encounter a severe headache.
  2. Tiredness: People with low immune systems can witness sudden fatigue by consuming the medicine.
  3. Dry mouth: A regular dry mouth after taking the tablet; however, the patient should drink more water during the day.
  4. Nausea and vomiting: Usually, vomiting and nausea are average side effects when you take medicine with food. Hence it is necessary to take the tablet with water after a light meal.
  5. Change or loss of taste: One of the common side effects when the ingredients in the tablet affect the taste buds. However, the pill must be taken with water and consumed immediately. 
  6. Dizziness: It is an infrequent occurrence that a patient felt dizziness after taking the tablet. In cases where the patient is struggling with the respiratory system may encounter dizziness. 
  7. Stomach pain/indigestion: You must take the tablet after the meal. In addition, make sure that the meal is not heavy or has oily ingredients. 

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What should necessary precautions be taken?

It is recommended to take the tablet on prescription by the doctor, and it will help avoid unnecessary side effects. Following are the legit precaution for cetirizine tablets you should take : 

  • The tablet contains hydroxyzine as an ingredient, and it may have side effects on your taste bud. Therefore, consult your doctor before taking cetirizine.
  • Check your medical history in guidance with your doctor, make sure you don’t have any adverse effects of the tablet.
  • If you are consuming this tablet to treat hives during the days, immediately consult a doctor if you witness any other symptoms.
  • One thing about the tablet is it can make you feel drowsy. Therefore it is recommended not to take the cetirizine tablet with alcohol or marijuana or alcohol-containing products. 
  • In diabetes, you must consult with your pharmacist before taking the tablet, as it contains sugar ingredients.
  • Pregnant women should take the tablet only when the gynecologist has recommended it. Taking the pill without a prescription can affect the embryo.

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How to consume this medicine?

Directions to use the tablet are provided on the label; the doctor will guide regarding consuming the medicine. However, it would help if you did not take the pill in more significant amounts than intended. 

The patient can consume the tablet with or without food. But remember that your diet should be light, not heavy because it can have adverse effects. If the medicine is chewable, then consume it by chewing then swallow the tablet.

It would be best not to take Cetirizine tablets with alcohol because the ingredients themselves will make you tired, and alcohol can make it severe. In addition, you should avoid taking the pill with food that has alcohol in it. 

The doctors will prescribe the table Cetirizine tablet for colds as it is beneficial for treating sneezing, itching, and runny nose. However, you must take the pill without the doctor’s recommendation.

In some cases, the tablet may cause vomiting, but it depends on multiple factors. And on the other hand, health experts may suggest cetirizine tablets for vomiting as vomiting can leave rashes and soreness in the throat with allergies. 

In conclusion, the cetirizine tablet is best treated for allergic conditions and to kill allergens. However, it is essential that you consume the tablet only on the prescription by the doctor. If you discover the cause of the allergens, then try to maintain a distance. In addition, avoid the food in your diet that gives you allergic reactions. 

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What are the side effects of the tablet?

Generally, dizziness, sleepiness, stomach pain, and loss of taste are the side effects of this medicine.

What is a cetirizine tablet?

It is an anti-allergic tablet used to treat many conditions such as sneezing, coughing, rashes, and sore throat, which are caused due to allergic reactions.

Can you take cetirizine with a runny nose?

Yes, it can treat a runny nose, and however, it is essential to take medicine on prescription.

How long does it take for cetirizine to work?

Basically, you will notice the improvement within an hour after taking the tablet.

Is cetirizine a steroid?

No, it is an anti-allergic tablet/medicine used to treat allergic reactions.

Can I take the tablet with alcohol or milk?

No, you cannot take the tablet with alcohol as it has adverse effects on your health. But you can consume the medicine with milk. 

How many doses should I take in a day?

You can take one tablet in a day, and however, it is necessary to take the doctor’s opinion for the same. 

What are the advantages of taking a tablet?

As it is an anti-allergic tablet, it will help in treating severe allergic reactions.

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