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Cervical Conception Kit

Cervical Conception Kit: Improve Chances To Conceive

Do you know that you can now increase your chances to conceive while sitting in the privacy of your home? Yes. That’s true and this opportunity is made possible by the Cervical Conception Kit. Here’s a quick synopsis of this popular medical treatment.

What is the Cervical Conception Kit?

Though it’s not a new concept only recently it has been able to gain a lot of attention. A cervical conception kit helps couples to conceive. It consists of ovulation predictors, semen collectors, personal lubricants, pregnancy tests, and conception caps that can be used for three cycles. The three main tools are detailed below:

  1. Ovulation predictor: Well, we all know that sexual intercourse should be done one or two days before/after the ovulation but when the ovulation occurs is difficult to be predicted precisely. The ovulation predictor identified an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH) which indicates ovulation. 1-2 days after this is the best time for the couples to have vaginal intercourse to conceive.
  2. Semen collector: When the vaginal environment is unfriendly for sperms that are destroyed even before they could reach the egg. In such cases, conception becomes a challenge. Therefore, the semen collector should be used when couples have sex. After this, the semen collector should be removed and squeezed to take out semen and collect it into the conception cap. This should be done immediately after sex.
  3. Conception cap: This is the main component of the kit. Semen-filled conception cap has to be inserted into the vagina and placed upon the cervix for at least 6-8 hours so as to move sperms closer to the uterus and avoid any spilling of sperm into the vagina.

Benefits of Cervical Conception Kit

  1. It helps women to take control of their bodies by knowing their most fertile time during the month.
  2. It protects sperm from the hostile vaginal environment and spilling out.
  3. It’s like assisted fertilization for certain cases of infertility.
  4. Improve the odds of conceiving and even help couples to plan their pregnancy.

Fertility issues that can be managed with cervical conception kit are:

  • Male fertility issues like low sperm count or motility
  • Female fertility issues like the hostile vaginal environment or tilted uterus

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Cervical Conception kit is ineffective for certain fertility issues like:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome, LH phases defect, and endometriosis in females.
  • Absence or lack of sperm in the semen called azospermia in males.

Is the Cervical Conception Kit Effective?

The cervical conception kit acts as an affordable alternative to expensive IVF treatments. It has proved beneficial for couples who are facing difficulty conceiving in a natural way. A pregnancy test can be used after 15 days to find out the results.

It’s always better to speak to your gynecologist before you begin any kind of medical treatment.

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