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Checklist for Heart Disease Prevention for Women

One of the most common and rapidly increasing health hazards in women today is heart diseases. This has become a critical issue that requires serious attention for its cure and prevention. The major risk that make women more susceptible to heart diseases are categorized in two groups –

  • Modifiable risk factors are those which could be controlled by the individuals such as weight.
  • Non-modifiable risk factors are those which are beyond the control of the individuals such as genetic factors.

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Still, all is not lost and the good news for heart patients is that they can keep their hearts healthy by making some changes in lifestyle such as eating habits, exercising, managing stress, diabetes and so on. It has been rightly said that one has the power to lessen the risk of heart stroke by following simple rules.

Even American Heart Association has given a prevention checklist for women to help them reduce the heart diseases. The tips provided in the checklist are discussed below:

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

Women are leading a very busy life as they need to maintain balance in their personal and professional life. But they need to decide whether to adopt a healthy lifestyle or not. One’s weight, diet, physical activity, smoking habits and tobacco consumption disturb the cholesterol level and result in high risks of heart diseases.

  • The main cause of heart attacks and coronary heart disease is smoking. Due to westernization, many women today have also started smoking that builds plaque in the arteries, which in turn hardens them and completely damages the organ. It raises the blood pressure and lessens the amount of good cholesterol, thus increasing the stress level on the arteries. This is why people are advised to quit smoking. The effects of smoking cessation are prompt such as improved blood pressure levels, proper blood circulation, and increased oxygen supply. As per research, by quitting smoking, people can reduce the chances of heart diseases by 50% after one year.
  • Diet and nutrition play a vital role in the prevention of heart diseases. By following a healthy diet, women with a family background of heart trouble can also reduce the risk of heart diseases. Medical research proves that the diet consisting of whole grains, raw vegetables and fruits and omega 3 fatty acids also prevent heart diseases. In addition to these, nuts, herbs and olive oil should also be included in meals. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages, high amount of salt/sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oil should be avoided.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise is extremely important. At least 30 minutes of exercise in routine is recommended by the heart experts.

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Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease that adversely affects other organs in the body, if not controlled properly. It may even lead to stroke, peripheral artery disease, and many more complications. Healthy diet, regular medical supervision, and exercise are advised to keep it under control.

Lowering the Blood Pressure

High blood pressure leads increases stress level in the cardiovascular system, thus leading to heart diseases. Regular exercise, maintaining a proper diet, controlling stress levels and avoiding smoking are recommended to control the blood pressure. In addition to this, limiting the salt intake and alcohol is also helpful.

Working with The Doctor

For maintaining a healthy heart, proper supervision and guidance of health care professionals must be availed. Patients must understand the instructions and follow their medicine plans wholeheartedly.

The Go Red Heart Check Up

The Go Red Women Heart check-up provides information on healthy lifestyle and assesses risk levels.

Hence, it may be concluded that the right choice of lifestyle is imperative for preventing heart diseases. This is especially true for women as they are leading a stressful life. They need to reduce stress, maintain blood pressure, adopt a healthy and nutritious diet and doing regular exercises.

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