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Lasik Eye Surgery Complications

6 Common Lasik Surgery Complications

Lasik surgery is the procedure where a laser is used for reshaping the cornea. The laser typically referred to as the excimer laser has been especially designed to fix refractive errors. This treatment helps correct vision, improve visibility and eliminate or reduce the need for glasses. The medical procedure for Lasik entails creating a thin hinged, precise corneal flap with the aid of microkeratome. The flap is then pulled back to to expose the corneal tissue underneath it. Reshapes of the corneas differ from individual to individual and is performed by a trained Lasik surgeon only.

While Lasik surgery offers advantages such as vision correction, elimination of the need of glasses and improved vision, it has its shortfalls too. Lasik poses a number of complications that need to be taken into account before taking the plunge.

Here is a look at the most common complications of this surgery:

  1. This treatment causes dry eyes.
  2. Though vision improves, the quality is never restored back to the original one.
  3. The corneal flap never heals completely and weakens the cornea permanently.
  4. Lasik patients develop cataracts over time and repeated surgeries are required.
  5. There is lack of accuracy in this procedure and hence, both eyes cannot be performed on, at the same go, since there is a risk of losing eyesight in both the eyes.
  6. There can be permanent loss of cornea also, in the long-term, due to inflammation, biomechanical instability, epithelial in-growth, flap dislocation and even retinal detachment.

While these are the most reported problems faced by patients who underwent Lasik, there are many more complications that can occur too. Technology today however, allows for better alternatives like surface treatments. However, the best and the safest ways out are wearing glasses and lenses.

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