The menstrual cycle is a normal and natural change that occurs in the female reproductive system. Periods are also essential to make pregnancy possible. There is nothing extra-ordinary about periods. This cycle is necessary for the production of oocytes. The period is a sign that your body is working normally.

Menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the womb. Women have a period cycle of approximately 28 days. It may vary from 24 days to 35 days cycle.

Every girl has different experiences during her period. Some may feel pain, mood swings, lower back pain, abdominal cramps, and so on. These symptoms are normal. During the period, all you need to do is, just take care of yourself.

But, many of us make some serious mistakes during periods. Let’s discuss those mistakes:

Mistakes During Periods

#1 Delay in changing pads and tampons

Changing your sanitary pads after a short period is necessary for your health. Doctors recommend that women should change their pads every 3 to 4 hours. Don’t let your pad stay for more than 4 hours. This way you can avoid bacterial growth and bad odor which can harm your health.

#2 Dehydration

Drinking lots of water during the period is important. This will keep your body hydrated during the period and help you avoid discomfort and cramps. You will notice hormonal changes and bloated belly during the menstruation period. This is because your body retains more water during the period, as the estrogen and progesterone level drops.

#3 Pain Killers

Abdominal pain is normal during periods. But, most women take pain killers to overcome the pain as they can’t bear those cramps. These pain killers are not good for overall health.

Do you remember your mother’s favorite prescription of a hot water bottle or heating pad? This remedy soothes your stomach cramps. Many researchers said that heat helps quell your retching uterus. So replace your pain killers with this home remedy during the period.

#4 Not keeping track of your period cycle

Tracking your period cycle is not just necessary for you while you are trying to get pregnant but should be done without any miss. For women, many diseases can be identified based on the heaviness of your period flow, kind of cramps you experience and more.

#5 Ignoring the color of your period

The ignorance of blood color is one of the most common mistakes that women make. The blood color of your period reveals a lot about your overall health. There are different colors of the period including bright red, dark red, pink, or brown or black. You must know which color is harmful.

#6 Scented products

During periods, women use scented products to eliminate the unpleasant or foul smell. The fluctuation in the pH level during the period causes foul order which is completely natural. To avoid this odor, try to clean your vagina naturally instead of using scented products. This is because the scented products can harm your vaginal health.

#7 Self-medication

Do you trust OTC medicines over listening to a specialist’s opinion? This is one of the common mistakes that most women make during menstruation. Please stop being your doctor and seek medical help if your period is bothering you.

#8 Avoiding meal

During this period, you may experience a bloating stomach, which can make you skip your food. Try not to avoid any of your meals as it can lead to pain in the abdominal muscles. This can make you feel weak. Add light and nutritious meals in your diet to keep yourself fueled.

#9 Less rest

In today’s world, women have a more busy schedule than men. Still, they keep pushing themselves even on those hard days. Your body is more prone to getting fatigued when you are on your period. Not taking proper rest can make you more cranky and anxious.


In the above article, we have discussed some common mistakes that most women make during their period. We need to take care of these points to avoid any serious medical conditions. Try to take proper rest and a nutrient-rich diet to eliminate fatigue and weakness. Take an expert’s advice if you find any discomfort during your menstruation.

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