More and more companies are taking up wellness programs for their employees to create a healthy and happy workforce capable of delivering more. When people come to the office to ensure their bodily presence and spend their time at work with minimal involvement, it causes considerable harm to organizations due to low productivity.

The rate of absenteeism is also a serious concern for employers as it leads to poor productivity. Investigating the cause of absenteeism and presenteeism, a phenomenon when employers idle away their time at the workplace without the least productive output brings to light the relation between employee health and productivity. It is not just enough to be physically present at the workplace, but employees must be productive enough to meet the output goals set by the company.

While absenteeism is a visible problem, presenteeism does not seem to catch the eye except for showing up in the results. Besides lowering productivity, presenteeism is notorious for bleeding companies by increasing the cost associated with it by almost 2 to 3 times the direct healthcare expenses. The cost of presenteeism is much higher than healthcare costs. it remains camouflaged because employers pay more attention to the direct costs of poor employee health.

Another reason for the cost of presenteeism not being in the focus of employers is because it is not a measured expense tracked in corporate reporting and financial metrics. Employers must pay every month for employee healthcare, and it makes them feel the pain.

Countering the Forces That Affect Productivity

As workplaces become more and more stressful, the stress on individuals is also growing, and it affects health, which reduces their ability to do well at work and results in loss of productivity. Whether the problem is with absenteeism or presenteeism, employers have now found a new tool to counter the problem and boost productivity. By arranging for Corporate or Office Massage programs, Employers are now paying special attention to employee wellness, which in turn boots productivity. The massage sessions mainly comprise of chair massage conducted by the Boston office of a reputed wellness clinic that specializes in onsite massage services for various organizations. The massage sessions aim at providing relief to employees during work so that they can recharge their batteries and come back more energized to deliver better results.

What is a chair massage?

Chair massage is a massaging technique that became popular during the 1980s in California as a measure of quick stress relief for people while they are busy at their workplace or on the go. The massage therapist uses a special massage chair for rendering the service that lasts for a brief spell of 15-30 minutes. The session addresses the bodily issues as well as the mental health of people as it offers relaxation and relief from the stressful work environment. You can attend the session in between your work as it does not need any special clothing or preparation like traditional massage sessions.

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It began with the sessions performed in health salons and spas and now become mobile as employers can schedule massage programs in offices and workplaces to suit their needs.

What to expect from chair massage?

Chair massages can be carried out in offices as an employee remain sits on a special chair while the therapist massages the shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and back. It provides instant relief from pain and discomfort and peps up the mind that feels more relaxed and relieved.

Office employees go through a lot of physical stress even though they remain seated at workstations all day long. Seating for long hours is stressful for the body as the muscles undergo tension and become stiff, causing uneasiness and pain and thereby affecting performance, which leads to reduced productivity. Giving them a gentle chair massage helps to reduce stress, decrease tension, and make them feel better and rejuvenated. The massage session allows employees to unwind, and the body gets the opportunity to regain its original composure that makes them feel more energized and start work with new vigor for better performance. They can concentrate better and deliver more than they could before going through the massage program.

How is chair massage different from massage chairs?

There are chances that people often confuse chair massage with massage chairs, which are entirely different in the ways of massaging. In-chair massage, a massage therapist uses the hands to apply controlled pressure on the upper parts of the body to perform various massaging techniques on the person seated on a specially designed chair. It helps to break down knots and make muscles tension free. On the other hand, massage chairs are like machines that do the massaging without any human involvement. The chairs are specially designed and fitted with electronic devices and motors which vibrate and produce the kneading effect on the body when a person sits on it. However, the massaging effects are limited because they cannot impact every part of the body affected by stress.

Helping Employees to Make a Comeback

It is usual for workers to wilt under excessive stress, and employers in their interest must take measures to look after the wellbeing of their employees to keep them healthy and happy. Studies have shown how employee health affects productivity, and only a healthy and cheerful workforce can deliver better results than boost productivity. Realizing the importance of ensuring employee wellness and wellbeing so that they can overcome stress and become more productive, companies are organizing onsite massage programs so that it addresses the health needs of employees and motivate them to perform at their best.

When employers take special care of the wellbeing of their employees, it improves their relationship and creates a work environment that motivates employees for improved performance and higher productivity. The results become evident from the business figures that offer more encouragement to both parties for better collaboration for enhanced performance and achieving better work efficiencies. Being in better control of their health, employees can show their best abilities that keep employers happy, and it all happens because of massage therapy.

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