What one eats reflects upon how much one is concerned about one’s health. Formulating an efficient diet plan that contains a mix of healthy food options goes a long way in determining the health of a woman.

Diet dos:-


Whole grains like wheat, jowar and bajra should comprise a large part of the meal. Opt for whole wheat products like jowar, bajra, oats, brown rice as opposed to products made from maida such as bread, roti and pasta.


Besides ensuring the nutrients, fruits give you glowing skin, shiny hair, good eyesight and strong teeth. Fruits also fulfil vitamin and mineral requirements of the body.


Women require more calcium than men. Since women undergo the monthly exertion of menstruation, they require more nutrients than their counterpart. Milk, cheese, yoghurt – all contain high quantities of calcium. Brocolli, paneer and ragi are also calcium rich foods.

Frequent small meals

Binge dry fruits and healthy snacks through the day. Avoid road-side food as much as possible.

Diet donts:-


For obvious reasons. It has both short term and long term harmful effects to the body. However, studies suggest, a glass of wine a day keeps the heart healthy.


Caffeine intake should be limited as studies suggest both good and bad effects of caffeine to the human body. 100 mg of caffeine is considered to be a healthy quantity for a day. See what works for you, how does coffee affect your body?


Limit your intake of red meat. Although it might be a great source of protein it might not be easy to digest for the Indian stomach.

Avoid junk

It is best to avoid fried, greasy, spicy, extra sweet foods. If you are about to indulge in fatty foods like mayonnaise, cheese or ghee, limit your consumption.

Do not skip breakfast

No matter how late you are to office or how urgent the attention your work needs, spare just five minutes for a breakfast. A quick oat porridge or idli are viable breakfast options and they keep you good to go all afternoon.

Believe it or not, breakfast on time actually helps you lose weight instead of gaining weight. 

Avoid spicy food

Although Indian food is known for its spicy-ness, too much of spicy food on a regular basis has negative impacts on health.

A limited quantity of egg yolks, cold drinks, excess salt, trans fats and sugar should be included in the diet. Avoid having a heavy dinner. Eat early and take a walk to avoid sleeping with a full stomach.

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