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Hello Interested People! The Credihealth team provides a tremendous opportunity for health writers to convey their messages to a larger audience. In the cutting-edge era, our web has an enormous population where you can share your ideas, services, and many benefits with the people.

Writing is one of the effective ways to make people aware through your compelling research and products to promote your viewpoints about health topics. Additionally, you will get a better platform to showcase your service.

We will guide you to reach better audiences through this journey of "Write for Us Health." However, it would be best if you gave us some time to read what we required and the guidelines for the submission process.

Some Crucial Requirements

The health-oriented blog plays a crucial role on our website. Additionally, the accepted guest post should be compelling, factual, data-driven, and educational. If you want to successfully publish the article on the Credihealth website, you should follow a few points below.

  • We only accept the original content. We do not publish plagiarized or republished content.
  • We only accept pertinent and researched guest posts, preferably 800 to 1000 words.
  • We expect to include 1 to 2 high-resolution and featured pictures in the content.
  • We provide high-quality backlinks and do-follow attributes to your content on our site.
  • We are a team for health services. Henceforth, we guest post health blogs exclusively.
  • Include subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to increase the readability score of your post.

Steps Required for the Submission

  • You can submit the draft in the above form or email us at blog@credihealth.com.
  • Please clearly mention the titles and subheadings for better understanding.
  • We expect you to submit the content according to our requirements. Editors have the right to modify the content in case of false information.
  • You can only add only 1 self-serve link. You can find relevant links from Credihealth blogs to increase the reliability of the users. However, avoid excessive links.
  • If there is any modification, the team will get back to you with some improvements.
  • When we accept your blog, we schedule your publishing date within 1 to 2 working days.

Topics You can Write with Us

The majority of our audience read health-related articles on our website. More specifications we have included in our post are given in the following.

  • Women's Health
  • Teens Health
  • Men's Health
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Lifestyle
  • General Health
  • All health-related disorders
  • Home remedies
  • Family Health

Please go through the existing posts. You will get an idea about the topics, format, overview, language, and tone we accept for writing a guest post.

The other articles related to illegal drugs, high authority decides for the publication.

The Potential Benefits of Guest Posting at Credihealth

The Credihealth website is well-known for providing education and awareness services to the audience through various posts. You can get many benefits by "Write with us".

  1. We bring the best quality backlinks to the table for you.
  2. We maintain and vigorously work for the high Domain Authority for our website. Similarly, we retain these scores through guest posts as well.
  3. We get major traffic, 2.5+ million traffic per month on our site. You can also bring your piece of content to the front screen. Additionally, we get traffic from tier-1 countries. Hence, this helps to create connections within the industry.
  4. We usually get 20k+ clients for guest posts quarterly. Thus, we assure you that our team will guide you in reaching the audience for your post.
  5. The articles will be Google indexed 100% in 1 to 2 days, and we will leave your page in 24 hours after discussing with our teams and editors.
  6. We have an entire team for SEO and editorial who will help you to assist in writing the website content for your audiences.
  7. Google News Update Site - Our website appeared through Google news, and Google verifies it.

You can send write for us a Health guest post request and boost your highly targeted health audience.

The importance of Guest Posting

Write for us or guest post one of the essential SEO strategies for every company to sustain in digital marketing. It provides various benefits for companies.

  • It will give you high back traffic.
  • It will help audiences to know about your brand and the company's visibility.
  • It will provide you the chance to showcase your detailed services.
  • Your website will have a higher chance of holding high authority in the market.
  • It will be a valuable platform for budding authors or startups looking to establish themselves in the market through the Credihealth team.
  • It will drive your sales and generate leads.
  • It helps to boost SERP ranking.
  • Indeed, it is a win-win partnership for both companies.

We assure you the "Write with us" journey will never disappoint you in building your company.

Credihealth BlackBox

We have entirely blacked box the casino and gambling-related blog topics. Therefore, take care of these things before sending the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Does Credihealth edit the guest blogs?

A1- Yes, Crediheath has the right to edit the article in the case of wrongful information.

Q2- What will be the maximum word count for the article?

A2- The minimum word count should be 750 and the maximum word count per article is 2,000.

Q3- When will Credihealth upload the article?

A3- Credihealth will upload the article within 1-2 days.

Q4- How many links can be attached to a single article?

A4- You can only insert only 1 link to your blog or a web page in the article and 1 relevant link from the credihealth.com/blog article.

Q5- Will Credihealth do the On-page SEO?

A5- We will make minor on-page SEO changes to the article but we expect you to thoroughly optimize the content so as to rank the article quickly.