Have cosmetic surgeries gone too far?

many people opt for cosmetic surgery to change body features that they are not satisfied with. Have cosmetic surgeries gone too far?

Have cosmetic surgeries gone too far?
Have cosmetic surgeries gone too far?
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In today's say & age, cosmetic surgery has done away with the taboo and is gaining more and more popularity. So much so that in a research conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it came to surface that -
more than 11.7 million surgeries were undertaken in 2007 alone.
People all across the globe are going through cosmetic surgeries every day, either to enhance their looks, to get rid of excess fat, to reconstruct what was damaged due to an accident and so on. To make it clear - There is a slight difference between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery.
Plastic surgery is done for medical reasons while cosmetic surgery is done to enhance physical features. 

Yes! Cosmetic Surgery!

One of the biggest advantages of cosmetic surgery is that it is the easiest way to change what you do not like about your physical self. Medical advancement and innovation in the 20th and the 21st century has given humankind the opportunity to change or discard what they have been naturally endowed with. People are taking full advantage of medical science and improving their body features and looks. Cosmetic surgery gives you the opportunity to flaunt your body and feel confident about yourself. It raises self-confidence to a great degree. Various researchers have been conducted which have shown that a small nose job or breast implants have brought a definite and drastic change to the self-confidence and personality of a person. Cosmetic surgery is also a great way to look young. You can easily get Botox or remove your wrinkles through a simple operation. This treatment not only makes you look younger, it also motivates you to remain fit and maintain a healthy diet and body. It might even lead to a person's satisfaction - both physically and emotionally.

Negatives of Cosmetic Surgery

This method of enhancing your looks does not come without a cost. One of the greatest disadvantages of cosmetic surgery is that it is very expensive. Usually you have to pay for this medical treatment from your own pocket. Unless the surgery is essential due to a medical reason, your insurance or mediclaim will not cover it. There are also many risks involved with cosmetic surgeries. Many a time patients have suffered from anesthetic reactions or hemorrhages that occurred because of complications in surgery. This one has to be careful when opting for cosmetic treatment. Sometimes, the surgery may not have the desired effect and might leave you highly disappointed. There have been instances when the outcome of the surgery does not match up to the patient's expectations because of which he has gone into severe depression. Pain and a long recovery period are also side effects of cosmetic surgery. Some surgeries have a recovery period that lasts as long as six weeks. This may interfere and affect your daily routine. Cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly. It is essential that you weigh all the pros and cons before undergoing treatment. Also, make sure that you consult a good and reputed doctor.