Cosmetic surgery today is the popular norm. It is an easy, fast and effective way to change what you do not like about your body.

Statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, show that this business makes an amazing $10.1 billion in the US annually. 91% of the patients are women who go through various procedures like Botox, nose jobs, breast enlargements and others.

Although cosmetic surgery is quite safe. It is always better that you are clear about all aspects of your surgery before you go through it:

1. Make sure that you are well-informed of the exact procedure and risks involved in the surgery. It has to be noted that even after the surgery perfect results are not guaranteed, and no procedure is entirely risk-free.

2. Another fact that you have to establish is that cosmetic implants are not permanent. They last for a certain period of time, after which they need to be replaced. You have to be prepared to go through surgery again with added costs.

3. Obtain detailed information about the surgeon and cosmetic facility that you choose. Also see if you are comfortable with your doctor and the clinic. It is important that you have trust your doctor.

4. Make sure that you have all the relevant information about the surgery before you take a decision. Do not get influenced by your surgeons or any facility staff. Try to acquire unbiased advice if possible. You can consult your own family doctor if need be required.

5. Be completely sure that the surgeon you consult is a licensed specialist and has the right credentials to practice the business. Also research properly on the methods of the payment of fees and be careful of non – refundable schemes.

These are safety measures that should be taken before going through the procedure. But after the procedure there are certain risk factors that you have to be careful of. The results may not meet up to your expectations or certain side effects of surgery may be really problematic.
After the surgery, the recovery period is crucial and great care should be ensured. It can be quite painful; it also has to be ensured that the patient is not under any kind of stress or fatigue.

Cosmetic surgery is not 100% safe and can lead to consequences in the future like nerve problems and severe damage to the area that has been treated. The patient has to be emotionally stable and financially sound before he opts for the surgery. These two factors play an essential role post surgery. Thus it has to be noted that although cosmetic surgery is safe most of the times, it may lead to certain consequences that a patient has to be ready for.

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