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Dr. K. L. Kalra – Common Bones & Joints Problems (in Hindi)

Dr. K. L. Kalra, Consultant – Spine Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, explains common bones and joints problems & the increase in Cervical Spondylosis cases.

Though most spinal problems cause symptoms of pain in the neck, back, arm or leg, the underlying cause of that pain can differ for different patients. It is important to understand the exact source of the pain in order to apply the right treatment. While some spinal ailments (infection, fracture, tumour) are fairly straightforward, other conditions require specific diagnostic testing. Further, sooner an accurate diagnosis is made, the sooner a patient can be given appropriate treatment for the pain and return to everyday activities.

Medical history

A medical history in form of questions is important for a doctor in determining the source of pain in spine. These range from the onset of the pain (sudden or gradual), situations that worsen or improve pain, any prior history of similar pain, along with recent illnesses and associated symptoms.

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