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Dr. Parul Sharma talks about healthy eyes in kids & adults

Dr. Sharma, the HOD and a senior eye surgeon at Max Healthcare, talks about eye health for kids, adults and the elderly.

Kids: “Why are regular eye checkups important for kids?
Good diet ensures good eye health but it can not change one’s eye power.
Any screen time (including TV, Mobile phones, Tablet, etc) should not exceed 1 hour.”

Adults: “Lasik Surgery is a day procedure, done in 15 minutes, helpful to get rid of glasses.
Take frequent eye breaks every 15 minutes when working on a screen.
Posture and light in the room are two important points for people working on computers.”

Elderly (Specially diabetics): “Preventive eye checkups extremely important. Early detection of glaucoma can help save you from blindness. In late detection, damages done to the eye are irreversible. ”

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