Thursday , February 9 2023

Voice of Credimoms: How important is Sex Education in India?

A lot has changed in India in last few decades. Exposure to inappropriate and objectionable content is unavoidable, which makes the job of teachers and parents all the more difficult. In the light of these facts, we asked members of our New Moms Club (a vivacious group of almost 13,000 new moms) about their take on the rising number of teen pregnancies in India; and the importance of sex education. 

The replies were overwhelmingly positive. This is what some of the Moms had to say:

“In India if we talk about sex education people think we are talking about sex, which is not true. Due to the lack of sex education, kids, teens and youngsters look for other options like pornographic content for information, which further misleads them and teaches them unnatural ways of sex. I think sex education should be taken more seriously in India. I have been lucky in this regard. My mother used to be a teacher and taught me everything but I know that most are not that lucky… I have seen cases where men expect objectionable favours they learned off the Internet and ignorant wives agree, without knowing the consequences. I think as mothers we can play a significant role in teaching our kids this.”
– Khushboo Jain

“Sex education should be mandatory in schools. The lack of it leads to pornography exposure and even more indulgence of kids into such activities. I remember when I was in college second year, I made a radio programme based on this. I got a very positive response from the educated parents but at the same time I received negative response as well and that too from well educated parents. People are still shy while talking to their kids. I think sex education should be imparted not only to children but to parents as well so that they can teach it well to their kids.”
– Mani Ankit Gupta
“These days everything is available on the internet and most of the time you have no control over what your child is seeing there (most of the time if you open any site some odd images pop up). Even on TV they see such things on regular basis like Condom adds etc and develop curiosity. If they fail to get the right info at right time, they will be misguided ! I also think sex education should be a part of schooling.. but before that as parents it’s our responsibility to educate our child in every possible way as we can!!”
-Shraddha Karale
“When children do not get the right information, they turn to internet as their only option. But if parents can manage to talk openly on such topics, children will feel free & share everything with their parents.”
-Swati Sahu
“Yes it is must. And have to be impart in a positive way. This haww, chhhii no, expressions actually increase the wrong curiosity among children. It has to be a very strong part of education ( formal, informal) . I have my self experienced with children while taking gender awareness classes with age group 8-12 yrs that they r very open for discussion about rape even its just they don’t get space to express this in front of anyone. V need to be open fr discussion, sharing with them so that they don’t roam n search n come up with wrong information.
-Bharti Sunny Ghai

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