The only other thing that can be worse than a hangover is finding out how to get rid of it. There is not a single way to completely eliminate all the hangover symptoms – headache, nausea and blurred vision. There are a few things that help alleviate specific symptoms.

Besides these very apparent effects of a hangover, there are certain internal processes that a hangover wreaks havoc to. It can have a long lasting impact on the immune system, the process of digestion and the functioning of various body organs.

What does a hangover do to the body?

Alcohol is a diuretic substance. Consumption of alcohol leads to excessive urination can lead to dehydration of the body. Besides, while distilling the alcohol, a considerable amount of impurities are added to it. This translates into a stomach ache the next morning. Sweeter drinks and malt liquors contain a higher amount of these impurities.

Hangover cures

There are numerous methods that people employ to get relief from a hangover. However, most of these methods do not make any difference to their condition. In fact, some of them even increase the severity of the symptoms.


Water is the best cure for a hangover. Since alcohol increases your urges to urinate, it leads to loss of a lot of water from the body. Water consumption, thus, relieves the body of the dehydration that that sets in. Also, the water results in dilution of the impurities that enter the body with distilled alcohol.


It may seem impossible to have a workout with a pounding head and drowsy eyes. But, a sweaty exercise session is t to alleviate a hangover. The physical exertion the body undergoes pulls back the organs from the numbness, shakes the grogginess out of them and pushes them towards steady functioning.


Probably the easiest and most effective cure for a hangover is sleeping it off, taking care not to dehydrate oneself.


Although caffeine is itself known to be an addiction, it really does help in alleviating a hangover. Caffeine intake releases energy into the body but it may cause a post-coffee headache. Thus, it is best to save the coffee for a little while after having consumed enough water to subside the hangover. Consumption of alcohol results in loss of electrolytes from the body. An adequate intake of electrolytes not only replenishes the amount lost, but also relieves the hangover.

Greasy food

An assured cure for a hangover is the consumption of greasy food. However, such food should be taken before a night of drinking and not after. Greasy food slows down the absorption of alcohol in the blood. The slower the alcohol is absorbed in the blood, the less severe is the hangover.

All the cures duly noted, it is best to prevent a hangover. Keeping a check on the quantity of alcohol one consumes saves all the trouble caused the day after.

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