Many people do not feel any inconvenience with missing teeth and do not think about replacing it unless compelled. This is a big mistake because even if missing teeth do not impair functionality, it can affect your general health and the health of other teeth in the vicinity. When you lose a tooth, depending on which tooth it is, it can impair your chewing ability. Not replacing it can even result in losing other teeth while creating additional problems.  Loss in self-esteem is a common effect of missing teeth that impairs facial appearance if many missing teeth can make people look older than they are. 

Dental Implants

According to the dentists at Rockville Dental Arts, replacing a failing or missing tooth with dental implants is always is a good option. It has been in use for more than 50 years because it is an effective treatment choice. The choice of dental implants becomes more evident because it is a predictable treatment than endodontic treatment and bridgework. General dentists can perform implants, and there is no need to go to cosmetic dentists who, too, can handle it well.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are artificial teeth created by using advanced technology but quite different from the artificial teeth used for dentures because its construction is quite sophisticated. Implants are high-tech replacement tooth that replicates a natural tooth in its entirety from the root to crown and not the crown only like what is used indentures. It consists of a titanium root that the dentist implants in the jawbone at the place where the tooth goes missing, which supports the other parts like a crown, bridge, and denture.

Besides replicating the looks of the natural tooth, dental implants perform the same functions too and can last your lifetime.

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Can You Have Dental Implants?

Have you have lost your tooth due to decay or other problems or injury that creates gaps in the gum and if your broken or cracked teeth are beyond repair? You can think about dental implants to replace the missing or damaged teeth.

Implants are convenient to use than dentures, which often cause discomfort. Dentists used to believe that the gum condition, especially the bone structure, must be satisfactory to accommodate the implant. But the approach is now changing because of advanced diagnostics and technology that helps in bone reconstruction to allow patients to accept implants.  

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants can last your lifetime, whereas dental bridges have a life span of about 10 years. Titanium used in implants is non-toxic and well-tolerated by humans, and it integrates with jawbone perfectly.  Dental implants look so much natural that it is impossible to distinguish it from the natural teeth. The functionally, too, works as efficiently as natural teeth because it can restore your natural chewing power. 

Dental implants are for people of all ages, and those who cannot tolerate removable dentures would find implants most appropriate. However, only a dentist can decide if you are the right candidate or it.

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