Today’s generation is not as healthy as their ancestors. Whatever you do to your health today will fetch results in future, being it positive or negative. If you do not have a healthy lifestyle, you are soon going to be trapped in the clutches of unwanted diseases. It takes time for any disease to develop and occupy a permanent position in your body. Diabetes is one such incurable disease that is developed due to the augmented level of blood sugar within your body. You must undergo immediate tests for diabetes as soon as you experience something suspicious with your appetite, activeness, vision and weight. There might be symptoms of diabetes that you must get tested treated for.

Diabetes Diagnostic Tests

Let us quickly have a look at important tests required for diagnosing diabetes.

  1. Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPG)
    A simple test that is performed to check your glucose level in the body. The effectiveness of this test is realized on empty stomach. Therefore, most feasible time to get the FPG test done is early morning when you have not had anything except water.
  2. Random Plasma Glucose Test (RPG)
    As the name suggests, this test can be performed randomly at any time of the day, is it morning or evening. Unlike FPG, the random plasma glucose test does not require you to fast. This is best suitable for those who cannot stay hungry for long.
  3. Glycated Hemoglobin Test (A1C)
    This test indicates the percentage of blood sugar present in your haemoglobin. The chart will help us in a better understanding of how glycated haemoglobin test works. If A1C is below 5.7, you are not diabetic. If A1C is between 5.7 to 6.4, it is a matter of concern as you are one stage prior to getting diabetic and if A1C exceeds 6.5, it is a clear condition of diabetes.
  4. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGT)
    The oral glucose test is conducted to mark a comparison between the levels of the blood sugar empty stomach with that of after drinking glucose.
  5. Zinc Transporter 8 Autoantibody Test (ZnT8Ab)
    Popularly known as a ZnT8Ab test. When any one of the above tests detects diabetes then the ZnT8Ab test is recommended by a healthcare specialist to identify the type of diabetes you suffering from. If you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, your treatment would differ with that of type 2 diabetes. In order to recognize the right type of diabetes and start the treatment immediately, the zinc transporter 8 autoantibody test is mandatory.

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The above-mentioned tests can flawlessly state facts about your blood sugar level in the body and diagnose whether you are diabetic or not. Nevertheless, there is no need to get upset about being diagnosed as a diabetic. There are numerous things you can do to scale down your blood sugar. Devising a healthy plan for your body is foremost in case you want to lead a good life without realizing that you are a victim of diabetes. A healthy eating combined with daily regular exercises will fetch good results in future. It is never too late, start when you realize and it is high time that you must realize. A healthy lifestyle is a key to a disease-free life.

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