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Diagnostic Tests

7 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (for Age Group 45+ Years)

Routine medical and diagnostic tests are advised to detect any medical issues if any, better prognosis for deadly diseases like cancer, which can be handled better if diagnosed early, and assess your risk for diseases that are in the family and for any impending future medical problems. Diagnostic tests should be carried out even when you are healthy. Most of the diagnostic tests in the age bracket are usually done to check the effect of the medicine being taken for chronic conditions or to assess the effect of age on various organs of the body.

Blood Pressure Screening Diagnostic Tests

In most cases, it would be a routine checkup to assess the effect of various anti-hypertensives in controlling blood pressure within normal ranges. Old age does cause the blood vessels to narrow down, hence the increased risk of cardiovascular events. Your doctor would call you weekly or periodically to assess your blood pressure, which should be within range.

Cholesterol Screening

Old age adds to cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels and can be very dangerous if other co-morbid conditions like blood pressure co-exist. Routine blood levels would give you a fair idea of the different types of cholesterol. If they exceed normal ranges, the doctor would suggest medications to keep them under control and advise screening tests to be carried out at frequent intervals. It is essential to make significant lifestyle changes at this point in time, as a healthy diet, and maintaining an active lifestyle can significantly lower the risk

Diabetes Screening

Family history has a very essential role in determining the likelihood of developing diabetes but eventually, most of it is determined by your lifestyle. Your eating pattern and your consumption of highly fatty foods will push you to diabetes even when you don’t have any genetic predisposition. Your endocrinologist will advise you to get this test done quite often.

Dental Exam

The doctor finds it essential to understand the state of your dental hygiene. Since dental issues are also related to cardiac challenges, it is essential to visit a dentist once or twice every year for an exam and cleaning

Eye Exam

This would address the issues related to the vision and development of glaucoma or cataract. Diseases like diabetes with added complications related to vision make it essential to have these tests at frequent intervals.

Breast Cancer Screening

Specific to women, this involves routine self-examination as well as getting a mammogram done every 1 to 2 years to check fr risk factors. Women who have had a prior family history of breast cancer should discuss the same with her physician, who can then decide the best diagnostic exam and the frequency to run the same.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Men in the age group of 45 years and above should discuss screening for prostate cancer with their doctor. Men with a family history of prostate cancer should be quite vigilant and discuss the same. The doctor would suggest tests like PSA to rule out any possibility.

Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year for the age group of 27-35 years

Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year for the age group of 35-45 years

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