Making your baby wear a diaper might be the easiest and most hassle free option for you. But bear in mind that a baby’s skin is very sensitive and needs to be handled gently. Using a diaper all the time may result in skin irritation and rashes. Hence, it is good to avoid using a diaper for the baby whenever possible. Increasingly, a lot of skin-friendly diapers are becoming easily available. Such diapers are easy on the skin while some diapers even have air gaps to keep the baby bottom dry and fresh.

Diaper Types:

There are different types of diapers that are available for different types of uses. Overnight diapers are available for a peaceful night’s sleep. For use in the day, diapers that are light and convenient are the best options. These are called paper diapers. Gel based diapers absorb all the liquid and keep the baby’s skin from soiling.

How Often To Change:

It is best to change the diapers as soon as they are soiled to avoid any bacterial infection to the baby. Between diaper changes, it is also important to clean the baby with soft cotton/tissue and plain water or baby wipes. Applying baby powder or baby lotion before dressing a fresh diaper is safe for the skin as well as hygienic. Also, allowing the baby to enjoy cool air for some time between diaper changes ensures that the baby’s skin receives air and stays dry.

Proper Fit:

Diapers are available in various sizes according to the age of the babies. The diaper shouldn’t be too tight as it may cause rashes. Neither should it be too loose as it may result in the skin getting soiled which may lead to an infection. Once the baby is old enough to understand when he wants to urinate, it is best to teach him to gesture or say, so that there is no need to make him wear a diaper.

Treating Diaper Rash:

If a baby develops diaper rashes, using an anti-bacterial powder/lotion helps in curbing and treating them. If possible, the baby should not be made to wear a diaper for some time and should be dressed in cotton diapers. These should also be changed as soon as they are soiled. It is also important to maintain hygiene while changing the diaper.

  • Hands are to be washed before and after every diaper change.
  • The baby’s diaper should be checked often and changed as soon as it gets soiled.
  • Wash the area gently. Avoid rubbing and grazing the diaper.
  • Use mild baby wipes. Avoid scented ones.
  • Make sure the area is dry and clean before putting on a new diaper.
  • Keep the baby diaper free as much as possible.

Though diapers are most convenient, it is best to restrict their use as much as possible. Using anti-bacterial powder/cream is advisable for the hygiene of the baby.

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