Diet Tips For Healthy Pregnancy During Delhi Winter

Diet Tips For Healthy Pregnancy During Delhi Winter
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Having winter pregnancy is way better than summer one, as the weather rightly balances your body's internal temperature. It also reduces excessive sweating, starting from the third trimester. However, there are plenty of things you need to consider pregnancy during Delhi winters. It is the time when your immunity system can weaken and catch viruses. Hence, it is highly essential to look after what you eat.You must consult your gynaecologist in Delhi who can guide you at every step of your winter pregnancy. If you are expecting a baby but don't have insurance, you can opt for Bajaj Health EMI Card to pay medical bills on EMI. It would help if you reached out to a maternity home that offers complete healthcare solutions during your pregnancy. Above all, you need to focus on your diet as it has a lot of impact on your winter pregnancy. So, here are a few diet tips that you should keep handy during your winter pregnancy. 

Consider Your Calorie Intake

Pregnancy is the time when you need to explore every food group. However, it is essential to take care of the calories you consume that directly depend on your physical activity. Your weight also plays a significant role in deciding your calorie intake. In your first trimester, extra calories than what you generally take are not required. From the second and third trimester, you must start taking 300 extra calories. Even when you increase calories, it is essential to choose the right one. For this, you will require a dietician's assistance to prepare a perfect calorie intake for you. 

Consume More Fruits and Vegetable

Fruits and vegetables are essential fragments in your diet that you shouldn't miss. When you are going through winter pregnancy, you must add more fruits and veggies. It not only strengthens your immunity in winters but also nurtures your baby. Eating vitamin C enriched fruits like melons, and oranges are good for immunity. Green vegetables are rich in iron and zinc that is perfect for a mom-to-be. Broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, and spinach are some of the best green veggies you can add. Orange and red vegetables like red peppers, sweet potatoes, and carrots are a must-have in your diet plan. 

Iodine Is The Go-To Nutrient

Iodine is an essential mineral for the production of thyroid hormone in your body. It is necessary for your overall health and development. The lack of iodine in your body can lead to complications in your pregnancy and increase risks of mental disability in the child. Whether you consume iodine-rich food or iodine supplement, your body must get ample iodine supply that will make your winter pregnancy stress-free. Consult your gynaecologist or dietician to suggest you the right way of consuming iodine during the pregnancy. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The importance of fluid in your body cannot be emphasized more, especially during pregnancy. It would help if you focused on drinking enough fluids that will keep your body hydrated. Water is also essential for the production of lymph, carrier who carry white cells to your body and increasing immunity. You can also have fresh juices of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to your body. Buttermilk, soups, milkshakes are some other types of fluids that your body will love. Make it a habit of drinking at least 8-9 litres of water every day along with other liquids to keep your baby healthy inside your womb. 

Milk Is Your Source of Calcium

It is quite natural that your body will crave for calcium and protein during pregnancy. You must drink 3-4 servings of milk every day. It will supply the right amount of calcium and protein to your body. You can also experiment with the flavours by adding flavoured protein powders to your milk. You must never skip milk from your diet; it is something both you and your baby cannot survive without during pregnancy. Also, to strengthen immunity during winters, you can try drinking a hot cup of turmeric milk. Turmeric comprises antioxidants that will boost your immunity and detoxify your body.

The Bottom Line

Good nutrition is the key to a healthy pregnancy irrespective of the weather. It not only nurtures your baby, but a nutritious diet will also strengthen your immune system during winters. It would help if you consumed a balanced diet that comprises all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The above mentioned were some of the best tips that will help you have a healthy winter pregnancy.