Of course, it’s a good idea to get eyelash extensions. But with the prevailing Covid-219 with its effects—including social distancing and lockdowns—it becomes necessary to equip yourself with tips and tricks for maintaining your eyelash extensions from home. Remember, working from home doesn’t mean neglecting your eyelash extensions. Purchase the best products from eyelash extension supplies and maintain your eyelashes like a pro. This guide is going to deep dive you on how to make, maintain your eyelash extensions from home.

Can Eyelash Extensions Be Removed at Home?

Eyelash extensions cannot be removed at home. There aren’t any over-the-counter (OTC) oil-based products for safely removing lash extensions. And removing them alone can actually be dangerous. You could end up pulling out your actual lashes because the extensions are attached strand by strand. Plus, this can result in permanent bald spots. So, in case your eyelash extensions fall out, don’t attempt to cut or pick them off. Picking at them could severely damage your natural lashes.

Tips For Filling In The Gaps

Lash extensions don’t usually fall out evenly. They could therefore leave sparse areas or holes in your natural lash line. If that’s what you’re worried about, consider hiding them with makeup. If possible, you may also want to consider filling in the gaps with mascara. But don’t forget to choose a washable formula.

Keeping Them Natural, Nursing Your Lashes

Eyelash extensions might end up taking a toll on your natural lashes. You’ll therefore want to make sure that they’re always in the best shape by giving them some extra touch. To achieve the best look, avoid utilizing mechanical eyelash curlers. They can severely damage your natural lashes in several ways, including pulling out or breaking your lashes.

Applying creams, shadows, and mascara to your face can lead to buildup, which might potentially weaken your actual lashes. So, be sure to remove your makeup before going to bed. You may also want to consider using a lash serum. Applying this conditioning product to your face before bedtime is extremely important. Regardless of what stage your eyelash extensions are at, applying a serum to them is an incredible idea. It will make your lashes look stronger and healthier.

Avoid Hot Water

Don’t use hot water before 24 hours are over. The same applies to warm water and saunas. Remember, the hot water will interfere with the positioning of your eyelash extensions and even damage them. So, if you have to take a shower, avoid hot water. Coldwater can do a good job.

Avoid Shampoo

Don’t use shampoo after applying for eyelash extensions. Instead, wait for at least 24 hours before applying them. Just like hot water, shampoo can interfere with the positioning of eyelash extensions. It can damage them.

The Bottom-Line

Never let social distancing and the inability to visit your favorite beauty parlor lead you to neglect your eyelashes. With the right tips and tricks, you can maintain those eyelashes if yours at home like a pro and remain stylish. The above guide will help you do that and inject more life into your eyelashes.


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