Monday , February 17 2020
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Doctor’s Opinion: 300+ Drugs Banned in India

Recently The Health Ministry announced a list of over 300 fixed-dose combination drugs banned in India due to certain ‘risks’ they have on the body.

These include ban on common drugs prescribed by over 80% of the doctors in India. The list consists of the following – Crocin cold and Flu, Disprin, D-Cold, Vicks 500, SUMO and Combiflam. 

We asked what doctors thought about the ban and which medicines could replace the banned drugs. Here’s what they have to say –


I am very happy with the initiative the government has taken to finally ban dangerous combination drugs. In addition, I wish they also focus on the quality of drugs. Hopefully, this ban will stop irrational intake of medicines. The mentioned banned medicines lead to drug resistance further making people unaffected by mild doses of drugs. 

Instead of taking drugs like disprin, people should take prescribed paracetamol. Disprin causes serious health problems like gastritis.

SUMO is a painkiller that has Nimesulide which has been banned since the past few years in other countries. This is due to the serious consequences it has on the liver. For women looking for relief from menstrual cramps, Meftal is the right medicine.

Dr. Sushila Kataria
Associate Director – Internal Medicine
Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon

I am very happy with the announcement of the drugs banned in India. I believe that due to financial issues pharma companies brought combination of medicines into the Indian market which are otherwise banned in other parts of world. I strongly suggest that a person should always consult a doctor before taking any medicine. To replace banned drugs like Disprin and Combiflam – Paracetamol is the best alternative. Similarly, people should opt for Meftal instead of SUMO.

Dr. Jyoti Jain
Consultant – Internal Medicine
Fortis Hospital, Noida


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