Whiplash is recognized one way or the other everywhere across the globe. As soon as we think of whiplash we think of neck pain and the dread that comes with it. To elaborate, whiplash is known as the injury in the neck that is caused due to the rapid to and fro movement in the neck.

What happens when your neck is suffers from sudden motion?

When there is a to and fro movement in the neck, the soft tissues in the neck are torn and ruptured which induces a reduced range of motion in the neck and the upper body. Even the slightest of bumps can give you a whiplash if you are not careful enough.

How does whiplash occur?

While many people connect this injury only with car accidents, whiplash can occur due to a variety of reasons. Snellville chiropractors for whiplash have mentioned that they receive patients who have whiplash injuries for other reasons apart from car accidents. Some of the most common reasons for a whiplash injury are:

  • Freefall from stairs
  • Fight between people
  • Rollercoasters and fast rides
  • Contact sports like boxing, football, etc

Any activity in which you feel that your neck has suffered from an instant jerk, you know that you might have whiplash. That is the time when you need to visit your medical specialist or chiropractor at your prioritized instant.

Intensity of Whiplash

Even though the most suggested and beneficial method of getting rid of whiplash is to visit the doctor straight away but for many people the symptoms don’t start to rise after the first 24 hours or so. In this scenario, you need to follow a few steps to make sure that you are in good shape and that the injury is not severe. Just like any other injury, the severity and intensity of whiplash can also be determined according to how serious the jerk was and also human sensitivity towards injuries.

How to deal with injuries temporarily?

As soon as you suffer from an injury, make sure that you follow the following steps:

  • As soon as you meet an accident and you are in senses, make sure to check that your body is making proper movements and that there are no external injuries. Some people feel the pain rushing in straight away while others may take up to a week to discover that there is something wrong with them. Snellville chiropractors for whiplash have also mentioned that some of the patients that they receive have been suffering from whiplash for a long time without even noticing.
  • As soon as the pain hits you, it is important to soothe your nerves. Try an ice pack or a jelly cold compression for this case. However, keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution but just a temporary form of giving relief until you book an appointment with the doctor. Many people do feel better after compressions but visiting a doctor in this scenario is very important.
  • Ask your general physician to prescribe some form of painkillers and medications until the tests are scheduled.

Problems caused by whiplash

Many whiplash patients will feel better within a matter of weeks. And some people still experience pain for several months or years after the injury occurred.

It’s difficult to predict how each individual with whiplash recovers. In reality, you may be more vulnerable to chronic pain when your first signs have been severe, started fast or included: extreme pressure on the neck and a clearly disturbed pattern of sleep.

Whiplash and Sleeping Problems

The fact that a neck injury definitely has negative repercussions on your sleep pattern is quite clear. With so much pressure resting on your neck and shoulder, it is difficult to sleep comfortably.

What is it feasible to do?

You should obey a few guidelines when the whiplash is being treated

  • Using pillows to avoid snoring. Such pillows are smoother and typically fall in the central part to ease back pain.
  • Drink a cup of chamomile tea before bed to relax the muscles of the neck.
  • Sleep on the back and not the stomach
  • Try to put the pillows under and over your little neck. Do so before you know that you are happy.
  • Take a hot bath or use compression until the doctors call you.

Treatment for Whiplash

The path to recovery can be a continuous process. There are certain processes that can lead you to recovery and help you get rid of this injury.

Visit the doctor

Many people suggest visiting the chiropractor to remove the whiplash. Your chiropractor will perform a complete test to determine the complexity of the injury. After this, they can determine a proper treatment to get rid of whiplash once and for all.

A chiropractor might involve treatment like massage or stimulation of the muscles to soothe the pain. They will make adjustments to your spine and the nervous system without the use of medications to ensure that the cause has been treated for.

Avoid certain movements

After you have visited the doctor, the story is not over yet. Now comes the part where you have to take care of certain movements and motions until you are fully recovered. This means that you are providing yourself an opportunity to recover quicker than usual.

Wear a neck brace for a week or so and most importantly avoid lifting heavy weights and bending too low. People who are using heavy backpacks need to stop that for a while until given an okay sign by the medical specialist.


Whiplash is very common during accidents or any activity that causes the neck to make sudden to and fro jerks. Because of this, many people suffer a reduced range of motion in their neck and are certainly exposed to a sharp excruciating pain in their neck.

Chiropractors are specialized to perform adjustments in the spine and the nervous system to make sure that you are healthy and whiplash free for a long time.

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