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Dr. Aruna Kalra – “Nowadays Pregnancy Has Turned Into A Goal”

Dr. Aruna Kalra is a Senior Consultant at Paras hospital, Gurgaon. She explains in detail how pregnancy has turned into a goal to achieve.
1. Primary infertility: anatomical effects, hormonal effects, infections, cancers
2. Secondary infertility: abortions, D & C, abnormal syndromes, weakness of uterine mouth, infection, autoimmune diseases, etc

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Polycystic Ovarian Disease, PCOD in short, is a condition within which the ovaries of a female are affected. They develop small cysts or follicles that are filled with fluid. This condition has been becoming increasingly common over the years, the definite cause/s of which is not known. Some doctors however, are of the opinion that this condition arises due to a stressed regimen and the contemporary, modern-day rushed lifestyle. One of the major causes of sub-fertility in females, PCOD is also widely believed to be genetic in nature.
PCOD is caused by hormonal imbalance and women suffering from PCOD are known to have high insulin levels in their blood.

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