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Dr. Atma Ram Bansal – Managing Epilepsy

Watch Dr Atma Ram Bansal, a consultant neurologist at Medanta, Gurgaon talk about epilepsy and its management. He explains all the treatment options apart from regular medication therapy in treating epilepsy.

Epilepsy FAQ: What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which patient suffers from seizures/fits (abnormal shaky/jerky movements of the arms/legs), staring gaze, uprolling of eyes, & sometimes, loss of consciousness.

Witnessing a person suffering from epilepsy (having a seizure) can be frightening because in extreme cases, it can involve thrashing of the limbs, biting the tongue and rolling eyes to the back of the head. Even though most seizures are generally not considered an emergency and do not require any external intervention, it is still good for people to possess knowledge of what is to be done in case a person does suffer from seizures.

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