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Dr. Sonia Malik Explains IVF, Test Tube Babies

Watch Dr. Sonia Malik, Director at the IVF Center, Max Super Speciality Hospital Gurgaon, talk about IVF, test tube babies, why people opt for it. Dr. Malik as of today, performs 15-20 IUI Cycles and 20-25 IVF Cycles per month. She also conducts 12-14 fetal reductions annually.

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Possible Complications in IVF

  1. Multiple births are the major complication of IVF. This occurs because to increase the chances of success, more than one embryo will be transferred into the women’s womb. Multiple births may increase the risk of other complications like premature delivery, neonatal death, obstetrical complications and lower birth weight.
  2. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome may occur in females if hCG is used for stimulating maturation of ovarian follicles. It causes abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting due to swelling of ovaries. It can be treated with medication.
  3. There is a small chance of infection and damage to surrounding areas in bowel and bladder when eggs are retrieved using a needle.
  4. In certain rare cases, the fertilized egg may grow outside uterus in fallopian tubes. The condition is known as Ectopic or Tubal pregnancy and demands immediate abortion.
  5. Emotional & psychological troubles – When the stakes are high, the stress is increases. This is a basic human nature. Therefore, women mostly feel a range of emotional-psychological issues like depression and anxiety when undergoing IVF. You can discuss coping strategies with your counselor to overcome stress.
  6. Preterm delivery, C-section, maternal hemorrhage, gestational diabetes & hypertension may occur.
  7. Be assured – IVF does not make one vulnerable to cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer or breast cancer.


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