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Dr. Suneeta Mittal – Safe Sex & Teen Pregnancy

Dr Suneeta Mittal, Director & HOD Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Fortis Memorial Research Institute, educates young boys and girls about safe sex, early pregnancy, infections, and the glorified idea of sex. She makes it clear how a teenage girl’s body is not ready for pregnancy.

Two major preventive methods are:

1. Use a condom.

2. Emergency contraceptive pills.

Even safe abortion methods are available, if treated early.

The incidences of teen sex are on the rise. No longer an escapable event, teens should know all about safe sex. It is best to equip teens with information about sex so that they view it in the right perspective and not end up being frustrated or duped. Read complete article – here.

A common misconception many people have is that their birth control method automatically makes them safes from contracting an infection that can be passed on from sexual intercourse. Well, safe sex refers to protection from not one but two consequences – unwanted pregnancy and disease contraction. Read more.

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