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Eat Right to Balance Hormones

The following are a few ways to help balance hormones, do let us know if you want to add something to the list!

Cut down on carbohydrates.

High-glycemic foods such as baked potatoes or bananas can be part of a healthy diet for you depends upon your unique metabolism, while others not so much. Eliminating refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, white rice, bread, alcohol, and foods made with white flour, such as muffins, bagels, pasta, pretzels and other snack foods, helps the body burn stored fat and keeps insulin and blood sugar levels normal.

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Consume whole grains in moderation.

Your mom was right. Eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit daily.

Go for the colour green! Broccoli, green leafy vegetables, berries, red, yellow and green peppers, and tomatoes. Take uup to5 small servings in a day.

Consume healthy fats. Yes, fats.

Eliminating all fat from your diet results in sallow skin, brittle hair and nails, weakened the immune system, inability to concentrate, and even weight gain! Take supplements of essential fatty acids, namely omega–3 and omega–6 fats, which are required to in many important functions, including those of the brain and nervous system. Good sources of EFAs include eggs, high-quality flax seeds, soybeans, walnuts, and cold water fish harvested from the wild.

Protein is important in each meal.

Eat at least three meals per day.

It is commonly heard that women skip breakfast or lunch to avoid intake of calories. The problem with this approach is that the metabolic rate naturally peaks at noon and slows after that. Meaning the food you eat at night is more likely to be stored as fat!

Protect your body with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are found in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially brightly colored ones. Food is the best source of antioxidants, but if you don’t always get enough in your diet, high-quality supplements can provide significant protection. Antioxidants keep your cells alive and overall make you look younger!

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