Many skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis can irritate for many reasons like skin scaling, irritation, scraping, and skin redness. All of these skin conditions require a solid steroidal medication like eleuphrat cream. Eleuphrat cream for fungal infections helps reduce the symptoms of many skin infections. In addition, since the skin absorbs this medicine, it can also treat the underlying causes of infections. In this blog, we will cover the uses, side effects, and warnings related to the application of eleuphrat cream. 

Uses of Eleuphrat cream –

This cream contains betamethasone dipropionate, a cortisone-type that belongs to the class of corticosteroids. Eleuphrat is a highly potent topical corticosteroid.

Using The eleuphrat topical cream relieves stress, redness, swelling, and skin discomfort. It can be used for the following skin conditions.

  1. Eczema – Eczema is a skin condition in which the skin becomes red or swollen. It can also form crusts on the skin, resulting in scaling on the hands.
  2. Psoriasis – is a stubborn skin condition in which the skin is raised, roughed, and appears red with fine silvery scales. This condition can be reduced or improved with eleuphrat topical cream.
  3. Dermatitis – Dermatitis can be due to fungi or yeast. This condition can cause sauce itching, scraping, and skin scaling can also reduce this condition with this cream.

Other skin conditions can also require using this cream on the skin. But it will be best to take your doctor’s advice before using this cream on different skin conditions other than the ones mentioned here.

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Composition of Eleuphrat cream –

Dosage: It is to be applied on the affected area once or twice during the day or when the skin needs more.

Strength: It is 0.05% potent

Available forms: it can be bought as a cream and ointment.

Active ingredient: Betamethasone Dipropionate

General note – The dosage of the medicine should be inferred from the leaflet provided in the cream. Or follow the prescription that the doctor has offered to you. 

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Side effects of Eleuphrat cream –

Though the  Eleuphrat cream for fungal infections is safe for application, it can cause some skin problems that can have unwanted effects on a few people. In case the side effects are severe, then check with your doctor. It is also possible that none of these side effects are present after applying these steroidal creams.

Eleuphrat is well tolerated, but it can have the following side effects –

  1. Itching
  2. Irritating
  3. Burning
  4. Infection or dryness of the skin
  5. Irritation or redness on the face
  6. Burning sensation.
  7. Increased hair growth
  8. Acne
  9. Changes in the color of the skin
  10. Stretch marks
  11. Rashes around the mouth
  12. Thinning of the hairs
  13. Visual disturbances or blurred visions

There can be other side effects apart from the ones mentioned here. For example, side effects can happen with oral, injectable corticosteroids when used on the skin. 

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  1. It is best to use the cream for a maximum of one week. It should be used for up to four weeks at a time. 
  2. In case you have yet to apply the cream at the time of applying, you can use it as soon as you remember but do not double the dosage to compensate for the dosage that has been forgotten.
  3. It is best to get to the hospital if you have swallowed the cream, as this can tremendously affect your health.
  4. This medication can interact with other drugs; hence it is essential not to take it without telling your doctor.
  5. If the effects of the cream are not seen on the condition you have applied to treat it, then you can stop using it immediately.
  6. If you have not applied it regularly, then the effects will not be seen clearly, so it is essential to inform your doctor of the same.
  7. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should talk to the doctor before using this cream.
  8. It is not to be used under dressings.
  9. Not to be used in or near the site of infection.
  10. Only use the cream for a short duration of time.

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FAQs –

What are the conditions that eleuphrat cream can treat?

This cream can relieve inflammatory conditions like eczema, dermatitis, neurodermatitis, anogenital, pruritus, intertrigo, and psoriasis.

What are the side effects of using eleuphrat topical cream?

There can be side effects like burning, itching, color change, or hair growth on the skin. Though the side effects are not permanent, one should not use the cream if the side effects are severe

How long will eleuphrat take to work?

It usually takes one week for the cream to work. However, children and adolescents are advised not to use this cream after a week. It is because it is a steroidal cream absorbed through the skin, which can hamper growth

Is Eleuphrat an antibiotic?

No, it is a cortisone type and belongs to corticosteroids classified as highly potent topical corticosteroids.

What is the prolonged use of eleuphrat?

The potency of these topical steroid creams is very high; hence, they should only be used continuously for up to three weeks. Moreover, You should not use steroidal creams for more than three months.

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Summing it up-

Eleuphrat cream for fungal infections is a steroidal medication absorbed directly by the skin and can relieve conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Though You can use this medication for any skin condition, it is best to check it with your dermatologist. The kids and adolescents are not advised to use this cream longer than a week as it can hamper their growth. If the side effects of the condition are too severe, it will be best to get an appointment with a doctor.

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