Indian Women & Birth Control

There are numerous ways that can be employed for birth control. The most common birth control method in Indian women is sterilization and use of condoms.

Indian Women & Birth Control
Indian Women & Birth Control
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There are numerous ways that can be employed for birth control. The most common of them all, however, is the use of a condom. Some however, are known to be highly effective while some have a lower surety rate.

What is the preferred method of birth control in Indian women?

Given below are points that talk about the safest and reliable methods of birth control prevalent in India.

Birth control in India

In India, birth control is a measure that is not widely used and the massive population is a proof of that. With increased awareness and the advancement of medical technology, however, more people are opting for the various methods of birth control available. The Indian method of birth control is mostly the use of condoms; some people adopt other methods, even surgery.

With the increase in population, the government has undertaken several measures to promote birth control. A lot of private birth control programs too are being set up. Consecutive researches have suggested that the use of contraceptives in India have doubled in the recent years whereas the fertility rates have dropped.

Methods of birth control prevalent in Indian women

In India, female sterilization is the most popular birth control method.

The use of protection such as condoms is the second most used birth control method. Sterilization involves cutting or sealing the fallopian tubes which ensures that the sperm does not reach the eggs. It also prevents one from sexually transmitted diseases and is a permanent solution to birth control.

However, in some cases, the fallopian tubes rejoin themselves and nullify the surgical procedure. While women are known to adopt a surgery program as a permanent contraception method, the same does not hold true for vasectomy procedure for men in the Indian context.

Methods less common but prevalent

Though not on a large-scale, Indian women have had a change in attitude with regards to the method adopted for birth control. Apart from sterilization and protection during sex, Indian women have been increasingly considering various other methods available. Some of the birth control methods are:

  • Vasectomy: Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed on men as a permanent birth control measure. It is known to be the most effective birth control method. It also protects one from sexually transmitted diseases. The procedure is reversible but not without a level of skepticism involved. Though not very popular, this method is being increasingly considered.
  • Implant: This method involves the implantation of a thin tube containing a spring like device into the fallopian tubes. This device causes the formation of scar tissue around it blocking passage for sperms through the fallopian tubes. This method is becoming increasingly common in India, especially in working Indian women.
  • IUD: An intrauterine device is a T-shaped device made of plastic and is inserted in the uterus of a female.
  • Some other prevalent methods are the use of contraceptive pills, the vaginal ring, birth control shots, and birth control patch.

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