Most couples experience passionate romance and active sex life in the initial years of married life. Somewhere down the years, these get lost amidst hectic jobs, raising kids, fulfilling family responsibilities and growing older.

There are only very few lucky couples who still have an ignited love and romance for each other, even decades into marriage. Research indicates sex life declines as one gets older.

But it does not have to be that way!

People get complacent and stop taking care of their physical appearance – this is what damages most marriages. The husband-wife relationship is kept alive when both work towards making it better. Sex is not just a physical act but it also drives emotional needs.

Orgasm produces hormones ‘endorphins’ which instills feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Apart from this physical result, sex also promotes intimacy, comfort, encouragement and the realization that each one is desired by the other. It is beyond doubt that a healthy sex life is a critical determinant of a successful marriage because it keeps the bond invigorating and helps partners come closer to each other.

Generally men are seen to be more in need of sex but women afford higher value to their social responsibilities towards children, in-laws and house. So, most wives ignore their husbands’ desire for a physical connect which is so like a death sentence for the marriage. Then why worry when husbands seek love outside? All men want to feel attractive to their partners and this comes when you give them attention and make yourself attractive for them!

Remember those days when each one of you continuously exchanged love messages…where have they gone? Is it because you don’t find the need or you think that your partner already knows – either of the reason does not qualify for a great married life.

Here are few strategies for an exciting sex life and stronger marriage:

  1. Take out time for each other.
  2. Keep yourself physically attractive. This is especially true for women.
  3. Be adventurous just like the way you were in the first year of marriage.
  4. Don’t be overburdened by the rigors of domestic, social and work life.
  5. Do things together – listen to music, watch movies and why not ‘date nights’ on the weekends.
  6. Never bypass foreplay – it’s an effective tool to explore each other sensitive parts.
  7. Experiment with your sex life

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