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Eye Glasses vs. Contact Lenses

Some people prefer to wear eye glasses while others choose contact lens. We cannot say one is better than the other but it is a matter of personal preference, lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and aesthetics that drive the decision. We have compared pros and cons of both eye glasses as well as contact lens to help you in deciding which will work best for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of Eye Glasses

There are numerous pros and cons of wearing eye glasses that should be kept in mind. The following are:

Advantages of eye glasses are:

  • Almost any person of any age group, adults, children and elderly, can easily wear eye glasses.
  • Glasses provide most accurate and reliable vision correction
  • Glasses are less expensive as compared to contact lenses and surgery
  • Glasses are unlikely to cause side effects or infections because they never touch the eyeballs
  • Glasses are easily available anywhere
  • Require very little cleaning and maintenance
  • Need not be replaced often

Disadvantages of eye glasses are:

  • There is a distance of about half an inch between glasses and eyes which may impact the peripheral vision
  • In some types of work like fire-fighting or in active sports like football, tennis it may be unacceptable or uncomfortable to wear glasses
  • It may one look less attractive
  • In certain weathers like cold or humidity glasses tend to fog up,
  • Eyeglasses can be broken or lost

Advantages and disadvantages of Contact Lens

There are numerous pros and cons of wearing eye glasses that should be kept in mind. The following are:

Advantages of contact lens are:

  • Causes less vision distortions and obstructions
  • Easier to be carried during active sports and physical activities

Disadvantages of contact lens are:

  • Some people find it difficult to put contact lens in their eyes
  • Since contact lens are placed above the eyeballs, they reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the eyes and can cause dryness
  • Contact lens requires a lot of care and maintenance to avoid the resist of eye infections
  • There is always a risk of eye infections if not handled properly

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