The link between the drugs and the treatments used to induce fertility and ovarian cancer is a complicated one. Although researchers have postulated the fact that if a woman is getting fertility help of any sorts, then they are at a sixty percent higher risk of developing this cancer. Let us take a look at what this mean.

What is a Fertility Treatments?

Many women find it difficult to become pregnant even after trying for a long time, this happens because they are unable to produce follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) secreted by the pituitary gland (present only in women) that allows the eggs to mature. In general terms, fertility treatments are those methods that increase the chances of a woman to conceive by physically providing them with the FSH drug resulting the eggs to mature in the ovary. Multiple conceptions may also occur as a result of boosted production of mature eggs. Some of these methods include:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

in vitro’ literally means ‘in glass’, in this method the egg is successfully combined with sperm, outside the body for two to six days, where it fertilises. After a week the fertilised egg or zygote is transferred back into the same or other woman’s uterus.

Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs are always the first step towards the treatment. Medicines like clomiphene and gonadotropins are widely suggested by doctors, in order to stimulate the necessary hormones to produce eggs in the ovaries. Women who are undergoing the IVF procedure combine these medications with other fertility inducing medicines.

Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT)

This process involves the extraction of eggs from a woman’s ovaries and placed in one of the fallopian tubes, after combining it with the man’s sperms.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

The type of cancer that forms in the ovaries. This results in the uncontrollable multiplication of cells causing it to spread in other parts of the body. Women who have ovulated more over their lifetime, women who have never had children, women who begin ovulation at a younger age and reach menopause at an older age, are at a much higher risk of developing this cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Cost:

India excels in providing cancer patients with world class technology and treatment procedures. Its treatment cost in India is fifty percent less than international prices. India tops the list in medical tourism because of the availability of top notch treatments at low cost. Radiation therapy for its treatment can cost around two lakh rupees, chemotherapy will cost somewhere around two and a half lakh rupees and so on. These prices are forty to eighty percent lower than what its treatment costs in international destinations.

Infertility in women is caused as a result of a series of biologically distinct conditions. Researchers have tried studying each infertility type separately and how it relates to this kind of cancer. These studies showed that some ovulatory infertility in women is associated with it. Doctors also suggest that the frequent use of fertility drug or injection of hormones inducing medicines can also be the root cause. Women who have never been pregnant in their lifetime, and who continue to consume pregnancy inducing drugs for a long period of time, also develop tumours.

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Although studies have also shown that the chances of developing this cancer are very low if you are undergoing fertility treatment. Rigorous studies show that infertility in itself puts women at a higher risk, but not the intake of fertility medications.

In any case of doubt do consult your doctors and know for sure.

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