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First time Sex can cause pregnancy? Is it true?

First time sex can cause pregnancy? Is it true?

Tons of people wonder whether you can get pregnant at first time sex or not? The answer to this million-dollar question is YES! it is totally true! Yes, you read it right, first time sex can cause pregnancy. Any young lady who has unprotected vaginal intercourse risks getting to be pregnant, regardless of whether it’s her first time engaging in sexual relations or the 100th time. It’s even conceivable to wind up pregnant before regularly having a period.

When do you get Pregnant?

Pregnancy can happen when discharge or pre-discharge gets in the vagina or on the vulva. And, this can happen at any or all times you have an intercourse. Therefore, if both the partners are fertile and as this happens first time sex can cause pregnancy for sure!

The passage of semen otherwise called sperm or discharge inside the vagina is the reason for pregnancy. The utilization of conception prevention and condoms each time while engaging in sexual relations can help you in maintaining a strategic distance from pregnancy. With such huge numbers of bits of gossip circling around sex, it is relatively incomprehensible for a man to observe reality from the false. The ideal method for guaranteeing that you are having safe sex is to get your certainties straight. It is a result of the absence of information that young ladies don’t know whether first time sex can cause pregnancy or not.

First Time Sex Can Cause Pregnancy?

Many people around the world think that first time sex can cause pregnancy. This is a long way from reality. Pregnancy relies upon the fertility of both men and women. It may take months or even a long time of frantic striving for a few ladies to consider while others may imagine at whatever point they engage in sexual relations regardless of whether it is their first time and they have no want of getting pregnant either. However as engaging in sexual relations without the utilization of contraception can get a young lady pregnant regardless of whether she is having intercourse out of the blue or has had it a lot of times previously.

Remember: Pregnancy is plausibility each time a lady and a man participates in intercourse. The main prerequisite is that of a sperm achieving an egg. Indeed, even young ladies who haven’t discharged may wind up fruitful on the off chance that they have discharged an egg out of the blue, making it feasible for them to get pregnant at first sex.

Risks Involved

Other than the worry of can first time sex cause pregnancy or not, sexual activities also predisposes you get STIs or sexually transmitted contaminations each time you have unprotected sex. Both STIs and pregnancy can stay away by amending utilization of condoms each time while engaging in sexual functioning.


Condoms are the most secure method for warding off the two STDs and pregnancy in the event that you expect on engaging in sexual relations. Regardless of whether you are utilizing an elective type of anti-conception medication, it is best to tell your accomplice ahead of time that condoms are not discretionary and are in actuality vital. Therefore, make sure you learn how to use condoms for male & female.

You can likewise bring down your danger of pregnancy by utilizing crisis preventative pills which are additionally known by the name of a day after pills or next day contraceptives.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

The most, clear indication of pregnancy is feeling the loss of a period after you have had unprotected sex. It is best to take a pregnancy test on the off chance that you have a late period. Here’s all you have to know about whether first time sex can cause pregnancy

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What sort of sex can cause pregnancy?

First time sex can cause pregnancy – the likelihood increases if you take part in a specific sort of sexual activity. For example, having vaginal sex wherein the semen enters the vagina or any intercourse actions and activities that comes full circle in the semen being discharged into the vagina. However, taking an interest in other sexual exercises like kissing is not liable to get a young lady pregnant whether it is her first time or not.

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