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A top gynecologist in Gurgon, Dr Aruna Kalra, shared the following on diet of expecting moms,

For a pregnant woman, the diet is a very crucial aspect – both for own health and that of her baby’s. The food that a pregnant mother eats has a lasting impact on the child. It is also a well-known fact that pregnant women have a lot of food cravings.

All the ‘what to’ and ‘what not to’ tales you keep hearing from people tend to confuse you. However, what is important during pregnancy is a healthy diet and your concern about what is safe to eat and what is not.

When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes various changes that make her immune system vulnerable. Some foodstuffs can have various adverse effects on the body ranging from dehydration to even miscarriage. Thus, it is best to steer clear of consuming food varieties that make you susceptible to diseases and put your pregnancy at risk.
Here are 5 food stuff that expecting moms should stay away from or avoid as far as possible.

pregnant womanRaw Eggs

Raw eggs may contain Salmonella, which is a type of bacteria. The bacteria is known to cause fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Any dish that involves uncooked or partly cooked eggs should be avoided. These include soft scrambled eggs, sunny-side up fried eggs, Caesar salad or any other form of partially cooked eggs. Cook the egg until both the yolk and the white are firm and heavy.

Meat & Poultry

Raw or under-cooked meat is strictly forbidden. All forms of meat and poultry should be cooked well until there is no trace of pink blood. Ready-to-eat meat that you get at the superstores are processed and frozen to be preserved. It thus may contain parasites or bacteria in their dormant state form.

When consuming such ready-to-eat meat, it is advisable to freeze it at home for a minimum of four days as freezing kills the parasites that are present. Sausages, salami, and beef burgers are not really a healthy diet option for pregnant women. Liver is strictly forbidden as it contains a high amount of Vitamin A that is harmful for the baby.


Fishes having a high mercury level are a great risk for the baby’s developing nervous system. Large fishes like swordfish, shark, and mackerel contain the highest amounts of mercury. It is advisable to avoid raw or under-cooked fish, shellfish, oysters and sushi.


Not only to the baby and expecting moms, alcohol poses serious health risks even for healthy and young adults. Alcohol has the tendency of hampering the health of both the mother and the baby in more than one way. It is thus best to avoid consuming alcohol.

Excess Caffeine

Caffeine consumption affects the weight the baby is born with. A high consumption of caffeine may also result in a miscarriage. It is thus, advisable to limit the caffeine consumption to not more than 200 mg per day.

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