Indians have bid adieu to the Diwali festivities until next year. From pre-Diwali running around to the day of Bhai Dooj, the festive season has been in full swing. It brought both joy and concern.

One day after Diwali, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi was noted at 306, while the prescribed limit is 60. Besides the severe air quality levels in and around the capital, Diwali has left its mark within our bodies.

Certainly, the celebrations were lavish but a health-perspective is required now more than ever. After a week (or two) of bustling, overloading sweets, inhaling smoke from firecrackers and more, what you need is a step-by-step therapy for refinement. So here is your 8-step detox guide after Diwali.

Detoxing After Diwali

Your body may need cleansing after all that you have consumed, be it sweets loaded with sugar syrup or smog of the crackers. Practice the steps given below for at least two weeks (or longer) to toss out the toxic substances.

1. Start your day with lemon-infused warm water

post Diwali detox guide

Deciding what to serve your empty stomach, determines your gut health for a long time. It is advised to drink a lukewarm cup of water with a slice of lemon (and honey) in it. You can also choose to drink herbal tea.

2. Indulge in light exercises indoors

post Diwali detox guide

If you look outside, you would be able to sense the air pollution. But this should not be an excuse to give up on exercising. Exercising is one of the key components of detoxification. So do some yoga or stretching indoors for a few weeks.

3. Clear any sugary items from your kitchen

post Diwali detox guide

We hope you have had a good share of confectionaries. But it is time that you end your relationship with these items for good. Choose natural sugars like jaggery, honey or coconut sugar instead of artificial ones. Consider this step as a long-term one if you plan to stay healthy and fit.

4. Buy fruits, eat fruits, share fruits

post Diwali detox guide

The sub-heading gives away this step. The point is to consume and include fruits. Fruits are nature’s best detoxifying element. It would be better if you eat a different variety of fruits throughout the day.

5. Be mindful while eating

post Diwali detox guide

Trust us when we say that your gut health will help you in achieving goals. Your digestive system would need extra attention and care. So mind what you eat. Fight your temptations and start your meals with raw food.

6. Don’t eat processed foods

post Diwali detox guide

Processed foods may not be your best buddy at this time. These include processed meats (bacon, sausage), bread, ketchup, colas, refined grains, pasta, and more. To complete your detox plan, you may want to cut out these food items from your meals.

7. Lose your cool for water

post Diwali detox guide

Staying hydrated may be the best motivator. It may also be the best support for restoring health after Diwali. You should ensure to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. If you are easily bored, add a slice of lemon or cucumber and help yourself to some fancy detox water.

8. Sleep like a baby

post Diwali detox guide

When we say sleep like a baby, we mean its quality. With the adrenaline rushing into your veins during Diwali and the late-night parties, you may have missed out on getting the right amount and quality of sleep. Sleeping is the time when your body restores itself. It is extremely essential for completing your post-Diwali detox plan.


If you mix these steps in your life as a habit, your gates to well-being will open. Resting after the gala is part of the vacation. So do not consider your festivities concluded until your ensure to do the detox.

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